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Another Side of Moslem Dress For women

A dress will have different value for different individual. For people who aspiring to have an active life style, any sporty and casual dress will always be the option. Mostly when people talk about being sporty, people will associate with dress that actually quite open. Well, this is not fully correct after all. Not all of the sporty style in need for an open body part. This phenomenon actually has been started by the presence of sport dress for Moslem women. The dress actually is not as dull of most people have imagine. It has style, functionality and religious support at once. For each sport, certain modification is made, is related with the different nature for each sport. For swimming, the fabric is specially made to be light without opting out a design that will ensure too much tight body lining. Compare with swimming wearing the traditional swimming dress, the special made swimming dress has been accept better support within Moslem society.

Wearing Moslem Dress is not only about showing the personal religious belief identity, but it will means that there will be benefit applied when a person wear such dress. The first is related with the option to prevent any sexual harassment. In Islam teaching, the women Moslem Dress that only permitted face and hands open is a way to protect the women from any possible sexual harassment since the dress will give better protection compared with dresses with more open part. The second is related with the recent research that women who wear proper Moslem Dress is protected from health problem that is caused by pollution, dangerous ultraviolet exposure and the possible health problem on respiration system. Such benefit is available because women Moslem Dress naturally help women to avoid any possible over exposure from the dangerous ultra violet with its full coverage except for face and hands. For further type of dress such as the burka, the range of protection also added. Since only the eye that mostly open; any dust, air pollutant and small particle that may worsening respiration system can be reduced naturally in better level compared with those with more casual dress.

Despite of the positive review, the acceptance for Moslem style dress is not always positively created. In some region in Europe, some official services give limited permission to wear such dress. Even in the sport even, the specialized dress that is made to accommodate Moslem need has been rejected for various reasons. The first reason mostly related with the questionable safety issue when an athlete wearing such kind of dress. For game based sport such as football, the possibility that the player who wear jilbab will be pulled behind by other player has become a debatable issue. But the latest FIFA approval on the Moslem Dress for official women national football team match has become another step that is worth to note. The second is related with the fact that France government as example views the approval as a real threat for the practice of secularism in France. For this reason, it is quite obvious if the reason is not build on the sport based decision, but rather on the political pressure that has been built by the radical right political party to the governing power in France.

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