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US City World Kidnapping Capital: Separating Fact From Fiction

Phoenix, Arizona, 7-25-2012 - If you're one of the many Americans today who have been looking beyond their borders to identify the city with the highest kidnapping rate on the planet, you can just go ahead and put your binoculars away.

This is because according to recently published FBI statistics that city is Phoenix Arizona. You read that right. According to the FBI you stand a greater chance of being kidnapped in this American city than you do in Baghdad, Iraq or Kabul, Afghanistan.

Even so, before you begin checking out home security system reviews as a first step towards making your home a safer place to live in you should be aware of something.

That something is that a recent controversy has arisen over whether the statistics that were used to identify Phoenix, Arizona as the kidnap capital of the planet were even accurate.

A controversy brought about by people working in the Phoenix Police Department who now say that the numbers were fudged.

It's these well-placed officials who are now coming out and alleging that while high, the kidnapping statistics of Phoenix, Arizona were nonetheless exaggerated for the purposes of obtaining stimulus money from the federal government.

So then just what is the real story here? Here in this age when our own government continually warns us about visiting foreign countries, can it be that some of the greatest danger is right here in the United States?

To find out more about security and crime in the US we recently contacted Shayne Sherman, CEO of, a man whose job it is to stay abreast of the topic of real crime in the US.

He said that, “Don't let any of these numbers lead you down a path to either a false sense of security or false sense of fear. Numbers are numbers, so what each of us needs to balance out through it all is our own level of personal security. For example while so much of the focus in recent years has been on the rising number of drug-related killings in Mexico, the US still remains the gunshot capital of the planet. Make no mistake about it, you stand the greatest chance of being shot with a firearm in the US than you do in any other country on the planet. So even if you don't live in Phoenix there are still crime statistic numbers out there that should concern anyone who lives in the US today.”

He went on to further point out that while information on violent crime tends to receive the greatest amount of publicity, it's property crimes like residential burglaries and car theft that the average person stands the greatest chance of encountering. For 20 years now has been providing unbiased reviews of security systems for home and business owners the world over.


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