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Legend Harry Dennis: Unleashes 21st Century House Music

Chicago, IL – More than 25 years ago, Harry Dennis created a sensation with his first hit single, “Donnie,” released in1986 by DJ International -- now a cult classic. A poet, Mr. Dennis developed a lyrical finesse and beat poet vocal style that set him apart from the milieu of house artists. A native Chicagoan, Harry frequented house hot spots, The Den One, The Warehouse and the Muzic Box in the 80s, when house music was emerging “underground.” This new music opened up unimagined opportunities for artists. Simply put, Harry was inspired to launch a musical career.

In 1985, Harry formed his own group (The IT), which received wide acclaim for two house classics that followed: “Time Marches On” and “The Jungle.” In the early 90s, The IT recorded in London and released such notables as “In This Place Called Nowhere”,” Endless Journey”, “Brazilian Love Dance”, “Rain Forest Serenade”, “When Will We Learn,” “Endless Flight,” and “Living For The Man”.

Mr. Dennis was also a member of Fingers Inc. (Formed by producer/musician Larry Heard.) Along with DJ Robert Owens, they produced “Distant Planet” released on the Indigo Music/Jack Trax label. Harry has collaborated and produced music with other remarkable producers and artists such as Marshall Jefferson, Chip E., Curtis McClain and Ron Trent. Legendary house artist and DJ Ron Hardy once commented that Harry’s sound/style may be compared to the flair and conscience-provoked writing of Gil Scott-Heron. Whether some would agree or not, what is indisputable is Harry’s resilience and ongoing presence in the world of house music!

Harry has paid his dues. His career was sidelined by addiction and a series of personal challenges. He credits God for his deliverance and restoration. He returned to his music with a renewed appreciation for life and his gift. He now lives addiction free.

On March 23, 2012, his newest album, “Jungle Wonz: Deliverance,” was released by the Openhouse Recording. Mr. Dennis signature voice is enigmatically inviting as he delivers melodic vocals to upbeat cadences and sultry baselines combining subtle nuances of jazz, funk and R&B. “Jungle Wonz: Deliverance” received favorable reviews in the U.S. and the U.K. A recent article written by Joshua Impellizzeri of Technodisco, describes “Jungle Wonz: Deliverance” as "excellent.”

Affectionately and perhaps righteously, Mr. Dennis’ lyrical style has been coined “deep house” by his colleagues. Contemplating the origin his poetry/lyrics and the synergy experienced when creating, he said, “I write all of my lyrics and create from an understanding of the human condition. Because I am a human being, living the human experience, my finger is on the pulse of the music. I can feel its heart beating. If you listen to house music, you too will understand what I’m living and what I’m feeling.”

From a career perspective, he said, “I am forever grateful that my prior recordings have enjoyed a steady steam of listeners in the national and international markets and that my new work is being well received. It humbles me to see the enthusiasm that DJs have for my work and the re-mixers created. The fans of my music are important to me. If you are at least 30 years old, more than likely you have heard house music and my work. If you are a “househead,” you have matured over time and have developed an appreciation for the art (‘gotta have house’ is a popular catchphrase among househeads). You feel the pulse that resonates, the music has morphed into an occupation, and pseudo-house music is not an option.

Following the release of “Jungle Wonz: Deliverance,” Mr. Dennis formed Legends record label. He shared his vision for Legends: “I want to encourage new aspiring house artists to replicate the authenticity of the genre while developing contemporary approaches to ensure the longevity of house music for years to come—we want to redefine house music for the 21st century--take it mainstream. It has earned its place with other music genres! I will also utilize my label to expedite my work with the objective of making my music readily available to a growing fan base.”

Performing to live audiences, creating lyrics/jingles, conducting radio interviews, co-hosting local AM/FM and Internet based radio stations, and producing new music, Mr. Dennis is not lost on energy or creativity. He welcomes opportunities to share his music and his vision to move house music onto mainstream platforms via media/label affiliations interested and passionate about the business.

Mr. Dennis, a legend in his own right is unleashing 21st century house music by demonstrating an ability to pay homage to the former while creating and incorporating what’s new and contemporary on today’s house music scene. His music is as popular today as in the 80s and 90s! He is taking his passion to new heights! Undoubtedly, Harry Dennis will continue his legacy by creating and promoting the best sounds in house music.

Music by Harry Dennis is remixed by disc jockeys across the country. His music may be purchased and downloaded at and
“Jungle Wonz: Deliverance,” TV Promo link:

“Gotta have house!”

Mr. Harry Dennis  

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