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Nationwide Hair Drug Testing for DUI or Custody cases

1. Hair Drug Testing Defined

Hair grows from under the scalp and is nourished by the follicle that is sourced by the bloodstream. Drug molecules leave the body via the bloodstream and enter the hair shaft, the interior support like the insides of a tree. The outer layers are like a bark and are not tested, thus, cheating a hair drug is much more difficult since the specimen is an observed collection.

2. What drugs to hair drug tests check for?

Cocaine, marijuana, opiates (Codeine, Morphine & 6-monoacteyl morphine), methamphetamine, (Meth/amphetamine & Ecstasy), and phencyclidine (PCP). These are the five classes of drugs that are considered illegal and usually tested for in urine or hair drug tests.

3. How historical is a hair drug test?

A collector will collect as close as possible to the scalp to get a longer history. About 120 strands (the thickness of a pencil) and 1.5 inches in length of hair are collected for the test. Sometimes, body hair can be used or shaved pieces to the size of a cotton ball body hair tends to have more history as it takes more time to grow.

4. The science behind a hair drug test.

Hair color does not affect the results as it is the internal aspect that a GC/MS confirmation test looks at. A Hair drug tests needs about 60+ milligrams and since hair grows about .5 inches (1.3cm per month) performing hair drug tests every three months provides a good history of usage. Lab Testing Solutions only used Quest and LabCorp for all their testing and confirmation testing are held to their highest degree by following industry standards. Keep in mind, even though you do not consume drugs and are in the same environment of other drug users, a positive drug test may be possible as the drug elements are still detected from the exterior. However, a hair drug test can examine the metabolites that indicate actual ingestion versus external contamination.

5. Is hair drug testing better than urine testing?

Urine testing provides a shorter timeline whereas a hair drug tests has a longer historical analysis of substance abuse. Meth, Cocaine, opiates, and PCP are rapidly evicted from the body within 72 hours. Along with a longer history, it is nearly impossible to tamper with a hair drug test. It takes about 4-5 days for the drugs to enter the hair follicle and show up on a hair drug test and body hair may not be the best for a shorter time answer. Body hair can as far back as a year sometimes, but it is recommended to wait two weeks for a normal hair drug test. When there is no body hair, urine drug testing is your best option. Hair drug testing is about 7 times more effective.

6. Testing and collection procedure.

All specimens are collected using a proper chain of custody procedures. The donor is witness to the collection and verifies the integrity by signing all documentation for lab based testing. Reports and results are kept for two years for any drug test per laws. At the labs, hair specimen are also stored for two years, enough is collected for this as well.

7. Other drugs

Hair drug testing can also include many other psychotropic medicines available in the pharmaceutical industry. Although quite expensive, it can be done for an habitual abuser. Additionally, expanded opiates testing can provide more direct information of pain killer abuse very common in the construction industry.

All in all, Lab Testing Solutions has always used lab based drug testing for its urine protocol and hair drug testing is no exception. Although more costly, it is far more effective and informative for any legal case that involves a DUI or custody case where parents are blaming the other of drug abuse or usage.

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