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CEREC Dentist – For that All New Smile of Confidence

Tampa, Florida : Ceramic dental restoration using advanced technology is now available at Dr. John L Redd II clinic Tampa, Florida. Now people can have their teeth fixed in a very short time and need not fear multiple sittings.

People who have cracked or damaged teeth are singularly worried about one issue when they are on their dentist’s chair.

How many times will they have to keep visiting their dental surgeon till they are finally done with the procedure?

Now there is good news for the people in Tampa, Florida. Thanks to the new technology by CEREC Dentist, Dr. John L Redd II is now equipped with a device that creates three-dimensional model of patient’s teeth. This enables the machine to accurately make crowns, caps, and fillings while the patient waits.

“In less than 15 minutes I will create a permanent crown,” says Dr. John L Redd II.

What more can patients now want?

CEREC simply means ceramic reconstruction. The uses for this technology include single-unit indications such as veneers, anterior crowns, inlays, onlays, and posterior crowns.

How does CEREC Dentist work?

The dentist sprays the patient’s teeth with a reflective white powder and then uses a small handheld machine, about the size of a hand drill, to beam infrared light on the patient’s teeth.

The process records the reflection, feeds information into the CEREC machine, which in turn creates a three-dimensional model of the teeth.

All that the dentist has to do now is to inspect the patient’s cracked or damaged tooth and let the computer overlay a model of the perfectly fitting tooth.

“This is a breakthrough technology,” says Dr. John L Redd II. He says it is now possibly to custom-fit a new crown by easily working on it. And to top it all, a crown from a small block of porcelain can be made in 10 to 15 minutes.

Modern dentists are finding this technology a boon. As the entire procedure of root canal therapy can be done in a single day, they can now attend to a far greater number of patients.

A practitioner even goes to the extent of saying that a CEREC Dentist can do multiple procedures if he so desires. One specialist is vehement that CEREC is two times as cost-effective as the regular procedure.

Whatever be the truth, there is no denying that CEREC is the most highly researched technology ever and is a remarkable restorative option.

Frankly, at the moment you cannot think of any disadvantages of CEREC restorations, unless there are any shortcomings in the skill of the dentist.

Patients respond far better to the digital impressions than to the unsavory traditional method.

No more multiple visits for porcelain restorations. One single visit is now enough. The results are something to celebrate too. As one patient who got a procedure done by a CEREC Dentist remarked, “I didn’t feel numbness the following day and I can’t even tell it is a crown.”

CEREC and invisible braces have now come to stay.

You can contact Dr. John L Redd II at: 907, West Plat Steet, Tampa, FL 33607


Contact Information

  • Name: Sirm Kennedy

    Company: Tampa Smiles

    Telphone: 813-200-8338 , 813-2008338

    Address: 907 West Platt Street, Tampa, FL, 33607, USA