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Muskoka Recovery Center says "Be Wary of Waiting on The Sidelines – Recovery Takes Effort"

Muskoka Recovery Center says that just going to treatment doesn't guarantee success in recovery from addiction. You can't just go to rehab and expect to be fixed.

Muskoka, ON, Canada, July 09, 2012 -- The Director of Muskoka Recovery Center states, "How many times have we thought to ourselves that tomorrow will be better, that we’ll tackle this or that situation then, but we’re not quite ready now? Maybe we excuse our inability to do the hard work of recovery today because we’re giving ourselves an out, a plausible deniability – we think. But this sitting things out and waiting on the sidelines for something to happen is more likely to backfire than it is to do us any good."

And further suggests, "After all, nothing good was ever accomplished by allowing the moment to slip by. In fact, just the opposite is true. We often miss a golden opportunity by thinking it will still be there tomorrow. Not that doing good work of recovery won’t be just as good tomorrow as today, but putting off what we know we need to do doesn’t help with our commitment or our resolve to remain abstinent."

In reality, everything done in recovery is important. It’s the discipline that is put into a daily routine and the resolve that is held fast that will enable people to look at the work of recovery in a different life. Instead of torture and taking away from one's freedom to do they we please, they need to be retraining themselves to see a life in recovery as one of opportunity and progress. It may be a mindset that gets people off the couch or out from behind the desk to do what is needed to do for their recovery, but it definitely works.

The sticking point that many people have with respect to doing the work of recovery right now is that they are secretly afraid that it won’t work or that it will be too difficult or painful or that they just can’t handle it. Fear is a huge obstacle – but it can be overcome. How? For one thing, individuals in recovery need to talk over their fears and what they feel is holding them back from their recovery work with their sponsor or while in treatment, with their counselor. This is very much encouraged at Muskoka Recovery. At Muskoka Recovery Center it certainly won’t be anything that the counselors haven't heard before. Likely he or she has personal experience with the same types of fears, and it is the idea at Muskoka Recovery that who better to help guide people through the labyrinth of uncertainty and doubt than their counselors. Muskoka Recovery Program Manager Marie says. "All our counselors and therapists are in recovery themselves and for many years and they are not only educated and certified but they are also personally experienced in these areas and will be able to personally identify with ever one of our clients needs in those areas."

Marie herself is very instrumental in all aspects of the personal one on one counseling that goes on at Muskoka Recovery and even states, "Remember that we are never in recovery alone. There are always others who are in it with us – our counselor, sponsor, fellow 12-step group members, our loved ones and friends. Yes, recovery takes effort. But it is so worth every bit of effort we put into it."  

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