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Incidence of Gout Rising Rapidly Across the United States

Incidence of gout has risen significantly in the United States. People are finding it difficult to escape stress and tension existing in daily life. They suffer from lifestyle ailments like cardiovascular disease and kidney ailments. Researchers based at the Boston University School of Medicine found higher incidence of gout was directly related to chronic illnesses including high blood pressure and kidney disease.

Over the last 20 years, patients suffering from gout also had high uric acid levels (hyperuricemia). Findings of the study published in the American Journal of Medicine associated results to several factors. Seeking a medical solution for several chronic problems may not be easy though. Gout is usually triggered by uric acid crystallization taking place in the joints. Evident symptoms are obviously swelling and pain. Patients must be able to recognize these symptoms and take immediate action to prevent complications.

Researchers analyzed 2007 and 2008 data from the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Case studies of 5,700 volunteers were examined for chronic illnesses. The sample study showed approximately 4% of the US population is likely to suffer from gout. It effectively meant over 8 million Americans are currently affected by gout. Analysis also revealed nearly 21% or approximately 43 million US adults also suffered from hyperuricemia. The medical fraternity faces a serious situation, as trends are showing gout is on the rise.

Experts are quite clear about several factors leading to higher incidence. Tackling gout alone is possible. It is easy to buy Colchicine online at subsidized prices to reduce inflammation occurring in the body due to uric acid crystallization. However, prescription medication may not be the only remedy, especially when several chronic illnesses affect patients. Scientists found obesity was a major factor with 53% gout patients suffering from it.

With nearly 71% of the sample group suffering from severe kidney problems and 74% suffering from high blood pressure, it was evident gout is increasing in line with other chronic diseases affecting the same patients. Incidence of other ailments was also quite high. Nearly 26% suffered from diabetes. Another 24% were diagnosed with kidney stones. Similarly, cardiovascular diseases like heart attack recorded 14%, heart failure was pegged at 11%, and approximately 10% suffered from stroke.

Increased incidence of chronic illnesses must push sufferers to opt for preventive measures. Inflammation and pain at the initial stages can be effectively treated by avoiding foods with high concentration of purines. Once individuals are aware of different situations triggering gouty attacks, it becomes easier to prevent symptoms. Patients can avoid taking part in strenuous exercise likely to cause joint injuries. Dehydration must be avoided at all costs.

Significant rise in chronic illnesses associated with gout and hyperuricemia has taken place over 20 years. Drastic measures may be needed to reverse the trend. Preventive measures may be effective over the short term, but if positive results are to be sustained, lifestyle changes must be implemented. Educational programs harping on the need to exercise regularly must be introduced. Pharmacological solutions including generic colchicine are improving, but patients must learn to deal with gout and associated chronic problems by adopting positive lifestyle changes.

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