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Information on the Polish Tetra Sheepdog

Owczarek Podhalański hodowla "Badziar". Szczenięta owczarka podhalańskiego, zakup, żywienie, wychowanie, zdjęcia. Polski owczarek podhalański na wystawach.

The Polish Tatra Sheepdog is a medium to large size with the male dogs measuring 16-20 inches in height and weighing 30-35 pounds, and the female bitch being some 42-47cms high and 13-18kgs in weight. owczarek podhalański hodowla hodowlaon the outside, with the undercoat being downy, for warmth and weather resistance. Whereas they can be any colour the most common are, brown, white, and grey with grey, black or brown markings, these colours can fade as the dog ages. These are large boned with a strong skeleton supporting a fairly impressive musculature.

As the name suggests these dogs originated in Poland, where they are still quite common. Whilst bred originally as a Polish Tatra Sheepdog the vast majority are now kept as pets, although in their native Poland some are still kept as working dogs. This breed, as with many others, nearly reached extinction during World War II, but was revived by Polish breeders after the end of the war.

These are generally happy owczarek podhalański hodowla, which are quite animated and boisterous, while also being affectionate and intelligent with a good level of obedience. They can be wary and watchful of people they do not know, and will announce the arrival of any of your visitors, in no uncertain terms, at very high-volume. You need to assert yourself over your pet as early as possible, they are bred to look after sheep and have a strong instinct to be in charge, if you do not show this that they are number two and you are, in fact, in charge then problems may arise. As long as they are socialized early they will be a faithful friendly household pet, however there herding instinct can surface and you may find that the dog starts to nip at ankles, trying to herd the family. Whilst this can be annoying; you have to admit it is quite funny.
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