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Exploring Methods to Extend Use of Sand Maker

Aerated concrete products in foreign countries and now have nearly a hundred years of history, has become a pillar industry in construction industry. China"s introduction of aerated concrete technology nearly four decades of history, its production technology and equipment and equipment to mature. Because of aerated concrete with light density, high performance thermal insulation, sound absorption effects, can be processed and so on.Aerated concrete rich in raw materials, particularly the use of fly ash as raw material, which can be comprehensive utilization of industrial wastes, environmental pollution, does not destroy the land, but also to create a good social and economic benefits, is an ideal alternative to traditional solid clay brick Wall material.

To prolong the service life of sand making machine, there are mainly eight tips:

1. Before operation, inspect whether the observation door of vortex chamber is shut tight to avoid danger.

2. Examine the rotation direction of impeller; impeller should performance anticlockwise rotation.

3. The starting sequence of sand making machine and transportation equipment: discharge sand making machine feeding; crushers must be started without load, and feeding can be carried out when crushers run normally. Shutdown sequence and start-up sequence is opposite.

4. Materials whose size exceeds the limit shouldn��t be fed into crushers, otherwise, it may cause the unbalance of impeller or excessive abrasion of impeller, even leading the block of impeller passage. To a service-oriented brand integrity,As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, like mobile crushers, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.classifier:

5. When the discharge equipment stops, feeding should be timely ceased.

6. Materials should be fed evenly and continuously.

7. Fierce vibration and abnormal noise are not allowed during operation.

8. The addition of grease lubrication should make up 1/2-2/3 of bearing chamber; Add proper lubrication grease each time crushers work an hour.

Aerated concrete categories according to raw materials, quality and technical characteristics of major equipment and so on, to take a different process for production. In general, fly ash or silica sand ground into paste with water, add powdered lime, regular cement, plaster and foam, by stirring into the mold box, resting after curing foam, cut into a variety of puzzle Block or plate, keep a car from the steam into the autoclave, in the high-temperature steam curing in that the formation of saturated porous lightweight aerated concrete products.In the exact production site, we can choose suitable cement grinding mill according to the exact requirement and material information. This procedure is almost the last process of cement production. So cement grinding will directly influence the products quality.


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