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Win every case with Los Angeles criminal attorney

In today’s world, a good law firm that hires experienced and qualified criminal lawyers and defense lawyers is hard to come by. For this very reason, Los Angeles Criminal Attorney stands apart. The new face of criminal law in Los Angeles, the company hires the best Los Angeles criminal defensattorneys and DUI attorneys.

With an experience of many years under their belts, the attorneys at Los Angeles Criminal Attorney have a single purpose – Helping those who have been wronged by the law. “In many criminal cases, the police department is struggling hard to find the perpetrator. Many a times they also wrongly charge an innocent man or woman of the crime, simply because they might be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Without the right Los Angeles Criminal defense attorney, these victims of the law have no chance to get their stories heard. We work hard to investigate deep in to the case, trying to reveal evidences that even the LAPD might have overlooked. We build each and every case on the basis of extensive research, so that we can get our clients justice every time”, stated one of lawyers who work at the Los Angeles Criminal attorney.

The number of DUI cases in Los Angeles is very high, especially because this is a town where most people drive around. For this sole reason, there are a large number of Los Angeles dui attorney who specialise only the area of Drunk Driving or Driving under Influence. The reason Los Angeles Criminal Attorney stands apart is because all lawyers hired by them, whether a defence attorney or a DUI attorney, are all highly experienced in their specialized field and follow a very thorough approach to finding out the truth – via research and finding eye witnesses who can throw light on the incidents. “After the death of Nick Adenhart, who was a baseball pitcher with California Angeles and was killed by a drunk driver, the community of LA started taking DUI more seriously.

There are strict laws in place, and a DUI case can get anything from 96 hours to up to 6 months of jail time, along with a fine of $300 to $1000. Many drivers also lose their license and have to complete a 9 month long DUI program to get their driver’s license back. We make sure that in such an event, an innocent victim gets justice in every way possible”, mentioned another lawyer at Los Angeles Criminal Attorney.

“We don’t always have the victims of a DUI case as our client. Sometimes, our client is the one who has been charged by DUI and is certain that he or she didn’t voluntarily drink nor do drugs. There are cases where a date rape drug or something similar has been used to intoxicate the driver, and in such an invent we dig deep to find out if there is a possibility that the client might have been intoxicated without knowledge. For a criminal charge, it has to be proven in court that the person who is being charged of DUI was in his or her senses and did the crime knowingly. This is called Mens Rea, and if we can prove in court that the criminal act was a result of involuntary intoxication, that can save our client from going to jail without a fault”, stated another DUI attorney at Los Angeles Criminal attorney.For more Details Visit Our website

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    California,310-355-8804,Los angeles,CA