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Taking Home a Little Piece of Bali with the Perfect Souvenir

Bali is known as the Island of the Gods. A pulsating tuft floating amidst warm waters, Bali offers beautiful landscapes, delightful meals, vibrant culture, and ever-present local hospitality which continue to draw more and more visitors both locally and internationally. Be it your first visit or your fifths, Bali offers a special charm which makes every stay enjoyable and memorable.

As of now, you might be planning on visiting this Indonesian island and are excited for the adventure you are about to embark on. You may have your travel plan ready, the hotel booked, the luggage stuffed. As you travel through Baliís colorful streets, you may wonder as to what you should take home to your loved ones. Although they are not there with you directly, a gift can convey the experiences youíve had during your lovely holiday. It is also a nice gesture, showing how much you care for those you left at home. A souvenir may not seem like much, but coupled with the memories and stories of your great trip, it can easily bring your mind back to the good times youíve spent in Bali.

Choosing the right gift or memento is not always easy in Bali, with all the traditional produce and products it offers. You can opt for artworks, sea shell arts, or local delicacies. But if you are truly looking for something special, unique; a gift with a meaning, then a bali garment can best convey all of that. Bali garments come in various types, colors, and sizes, but there are two main types you can choose from. First is a more casual, loose fitting garment. They come in tees, dresses, to jumpsuits, and are more suitable for daily wear for its comfortable material and breezy cut.

Such garments are usually colored in vibrant tie-dye; hues of red, green, blue, or other colors of the rainbow are all available. These garments are usually adorned with various Balinese prints; your options are virtually endless with batik patterns, floral, or images of Balinese dancers. Not only are these garments will bring you back to those warm, sunny days you spent sunbathing in Bali, they are also highly functional. Unlike a postcard or sticker you paste on your wall and let be, you can bring home garments which will each suit the tastes and style of your friends and families. By opting for this type of Bali garment, you will be able to bring back a piece Bali with you, to keep close at all times.

A more ornamental option would be to choose a Balinese traditional costume. Balinese traditional fabric is truly beautiful; steeped in colorful dyes and decorated with gold trimmings and swirls. Both for men and women, such traditional garments are worn in a way that a fabric will cover the top part of the body, much like a tube-top, several layers of different fabric making up a skirt will be wrapped around the body, a belt around the waist or shawl strewn from one shoulder also made from a different fabric for contrast, and topped off with golden ornaments adorning oneís neck, head, and arms.

Such garments have been worn since antiquity, and are still worn today for special occasions in Bali. Bali is as much as an international hub of tourism as it is still deeply rooted in its traditions, with temples well packed on a daily basis and shops made fragrant with small offerings for the Hindu Gods. Bringing home a traditional costume such as this will pay homage the traditions you have marveled on during your stay, as an authentic representation of your experience in Bali. These gorgeous fabric making up the garments, full of life and contrasted colors, can be used for display, or even to be worn on the special occasions where you want to channel the Balinese spirit of cheer and celebration. Be it for casual wear or as an ornament; a touch of bali garments can be the perfect gift to take home after your adventures on the Island of the Gods.  

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