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Alien Research Budget Made Way for Researchers to Continue their Mission

NASA has been responsible for researching the existence of aliens for the past several decades, but that division might be the first to go if NASA doesn't make some budgetary changes. A recent budget announcement by NASA showed that they need to trim at least $1.5 million and the first place it may come from is alien research.

"We have spent the past several decades trying our best to find the existence of aliens on other planets", said a spokesperson for NASA who wished to remain anonymous. "We have sent space ships and satellites out there to see if we could pick up anything, and so far nothing has come back with signs of life."

The failures of the past several missions have caused the finance commissioner to consider completely eliminating the alien research division from NASA. The alien research division is not directly under NASA control, but is a partner project that NASA signed onto in the late 70s.

"We really wanted to find life on other planets", said the anonymous source. "We were approached by a private organization to research the possibility of life on other planets and it seemed like something NASA would be into. We signed on board, but our budget just doesn't have room for it anymore."

The official organization for alien research has offered to provide NASA with free v to help them discover if there is a way to budget the alien research division into the budget.

"We are offering free debt consolidation services to NASA", said a spokesperson for the Believers in Aliens Organization. "We think this is an important part of NASA and it can't be discontinued at all. That would be an extreme loss that we cannot have at all."

NASA has neither accepted nor declined the offer for these services. There is rumor that they may take them up on the offer as it would allow them to balance the entire budget and take a closer look at how they can keep numerous programs.

"The alien research division would just be the first one to go" said the anonymous NASA spokesperson. "We would have to slowly start cutting other budgets until we were able to pay off our debts. If the finance director takes them up on the offer we could save dozens of programs that would be next on the chopping block."

NASA has until the end of August to take the organization up on their offer. After that it will be null and void.

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