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Presidential Candidates Go Head-to-Head in SEO War

When the presidential election rolls around people know they can expect to see campaign flyers, radio ads, and TV commercials all talking about how one candidate is better than another, but the 2012 elections might mark a first for presidential elections. Both candidates have expressed a desire to use SEO tactics to get their website to rank hire in the search engines.

"Everyone knows if you search President Obama in the search engines his official campaign site will come up first", explained Frank Holiday, SEO strategist based out Seattle, Washington. "But what if a person were to just search a general term like 'presidential election 2012' or 'campaign 2012', well the results might be mixed."

The candidates for the 2012 Presidential election believe that if they employ SEO tactics on several different websites they may be able to reach a whole new audience. Despite the two campaigns efforts to reach the Internet audience through Facebook, Twitter and Google+, the people on the Internet remain relatively undecided on who to vote for in the next election.

"There is a belief that some undecided voter will hit the Internet in search of 'candidates 2012 elections' and come up with a website for Obama or Romney", explained Holiday. "They will then click on that number 1 website and discover all the amazing things said candidate can do for the country. After reading that information it could turn into a vote, who knows!"

Frank Holiday, CEO of Rags to Ranks, was approached by the Democratic committee to help Obama with the SEO strategy that would help them get the best results. Holiday has been working on the strategy, conducting keyword research, and engaging in numerous behind the scenes action for several weeks.

"People look at me really weird when I tell them my new client is essentially the President of the United States", said Holiday. "No one believes me. They think I'm pulling their leg, but it really is in a way."

The Republican committee has hired a rival SEO company based out of Portland, Oregon. However, at the time the name of the company and who is leading that SEO strategy has been extremely tightlipped.

"In a way it is kind of like the elections have manifested online", said political historian, Joe Young. "You have the two major candidates for the presidential race going head to head on the Internet. Even if it doesn't have an effect on the votes, it will certainly be a historical event to talk about in the years to come."

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