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Learn about Fire Extinguisher Type

Fire is natural and very useful element in human life. In small form, it was very useful where people use it to cook or in bon fire while they camp and other thing. In bigger and uncontrollable form it was dangerous where it can destroy anything that they run to and also risk and threatening people life. In this case, people need to prevent or at least prepare fire extinguisher or Tabung Pemadam Kebakaran at their home and office in case something happen. Fire extinguisher is safety tool that people use and it have different type depend on the fire type itself.

Basically there are five types of fire extinguisher that people known. In some country, alat pemadam api or fire extinguisher is categorized into different name. The most important part is to know that not all fire can be put out with the same fire extinguisher. The common class types that were used in US are divided into 5 classes. Class A used for ordinary combustible material (paper, cloth, plastic or wood), class B used to extinguished flammable liquids, class C use for fire that burn out electric tool or appliances, class D used for flammable metal, and class K used for fires that burn in kitchen appliances because of fats or cooking oil during the process.

Common alat pemadam api or fire extinguisher that people can find is class A in people home or office and class K in public restaurant. Some of the fire extinguisher has more than one label that means that the extinguisher can put out more than just one class of fire. The most important thing besides understanding the class of fire extinguisher is know how to use it properly. It is well recommended that people need to get some training on how to use the fire extinguisher so they can use it when there is fire around without do any harm to themselves.

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