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E-Reactor Offers Leading Online Marketing Knowledge on its Redesigned Blog

Denmark – 14 May, 2012 - E-reactor has raised the stakes in online advertising within Denmark and across Scandinavia by offering the public a free knowledge base on the most important topics in e-commerce and related areas. Aside the fact that E-reactor is one of the leading advertising companies in Denmark, the blog is also a leader as it offers insights into google analytics, e-commerce measurement, general online marketing and search Engine Optimisation (SEO) among others. The topics on the E-reactor blog are structured in a way that everyone can gain value from the information provided, whether you are an amateur or expert in the field.

Generally, most of the topics on this blog are geared towards assisting business owners with getting the best value from their website, by focusing on the quality of the content that will drive traffic and eventually lead to sales. Over time, it becomes important to measure the success of these efforts and google analytics comes in handy here. With the information from the analytics, you will be able to understand the different parameters that drive traffic to your website. For instance, the analytical reports can give you an idea of the demographics, search criteria and other information about those that have visited your website over a period of time.

When you get this information from google analytics, you can then tweak the information on your website to achieve greater success in business. For instance, if you notice that a particular search term is driving massive traffic and increasing sales for you, then you can write more articles and relevant content related to this term. Also, if you notice that a particular group of people are making sales from your website, then you can decide to target your marketing effort at this group in order to take advantage of the current sales situation. A good understanding on analytics related to the websites of two competing online businesses can actually serve as a differentiating factor for success or failure.

In addition to google analytics, the E-reactor blog crowd sources all relevant knowledge that can help clients with improving their online marketing efforts and business as a whole. It can also enable you to achieve adequate returns on the investment you make on your google Adwords campaign, advertising and pay per click adverts. Generally, E-reactor is a good resource for anyone interested in these topics, whether they are business men, consultants or website technicians.

According to the website “Analysis of data is a fundamental pillar of SEO and online marketing. Only by analyzing past campaign results, at a professionally grounded undertake targeted optimizations. There is therefore every reason to take the collected data seriously and want to play with the visual production to get maximum benefit from the information.”

E-reactor ( e-reactor is a private company that focuses on several aspects of online marketing including SEO and analytics. This company has been in existence for almost two decades and has served several companies across Denmark and the overall Scandinavian region.

Company Name: E-Reactor

Telephone Number: 70230140  

Contact Information

  • Name: Dennis Richard

    Company: E-Reactor

    Telphone: 70230-- , 70230-

    Address: E-Reactor
    Cort Adelers Gade 4