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California Law Firm Prepares to Take on Out of this World Creatures in Intergalactic Court System

Aliens, or little green men, are often known for their frivolous and careless nature. Numerous reports all over the world talk about how these creatures from another galaxy swoop down into people's yards, walk up to homes, and violate people's personal space and nothing is done about it. That was until a San Diego based law firm decided to take on these little green men.

"After numerous attempts to make contact with the perpetrators, we have decided that it was best to pursue this matter in court", explained attorney Rodger Ryan. "We have had numerous complaints regarding violation of personal space, assaults, kidnappings, and criminal trespassing, and just because these creatures are from another planet does not make them immune to our laws."

The San Diego law firm has been collecting a list of numerous people who have been hurt or affected by these numerous aliens visits that violated the law. Currently, the list reaches about 40 people who wish to press charges against these little green men.

"The process took a lot longer than we had hoped it would", explained Ryan. "We had to first collect statements from those who were impacted by the violators, and then we had to turn those into official documents that we could use for our filings. And the process doesn't stop there. We had to use an extensive managed document review service to help with research on our official report."

The official report was put through an extensive and intense review process by the managed document review service. The service was able to correctly cite various laws that the little green men had violated.

"According to the intergalactic space courts, every violation has to be outlined in detail", explained law firm researcher Barry Gringo. "This means we can't group them together into one big civil suit like we do in the United States. No, we have to go and cite what law was broke, how, when, where, and who the complainant is in the case. Very time consuming but well worth the effort."

The findings, including the extensive documentation of violations is scheduled to be presented in front of the Super Intergalactic Courts within the next two weeks. The Super Intergalactic Courts will take the report's findings into consideration, and could insist that the little green aliens must report to a California courtroom.

"This is our only hope at getting justice", said Ryan. "If they don't think we have a case, then these aliens can continue to harass people for years to come. It's a one shot deal. We have to win".  

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