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Freight Carriers Discovering Even More Uses for GPS

Buffalo New York 5-28-2012 It was back in 1973 when president Ronald Reagan opened up an extensive military GPS satellite system for public use after a Korean jetliner was shot down by Russian fighters after straying into Soviet airspace.

Not surprisingly it shipping carriers who were among the first to take advantage of it to deter theft and hijackings that have always plagued their industry.

Through GPS they were finally able to track the exact location of their trucks and trailers in real time as they made their way to their final destination and back, something that criminals were quick to become aware of.

What they discovered along the way though, was that there are even more reasons for fitting their trucks and vehicles with GPS. Uses for GPS tracking systems that are helping today's business operators to cut costs while they maintain a fleet of trucks or vehicles.

So to find out more about what fleet operators are using GPS systems for, aside from theft prevention, we contacted a company spokesperson from PinPoint GPS Solutions.

He informed us that, "Global positioning systems on company vehicles produce savings from several directions. For instance you can use GPS to track employee driving habits. Now drivers now know this now, so just by virtue of having GPS on their vehicle makes for a safer driver. This in turn translates directly over into fuel savings and fewer accidents as well. Then GPS also allows for more efficient navigation, so loads arrive quicker in a more predictable time frame which translates into a more satisfied client."

Now safer drivers and lower fuel bills are for sure an easy sell on their own in today's more competitive global business environment. Even so, all these benefits of GPS systems in their totality add up to yet one more big plus for todays business operator.

This is that as the public becomes more aware of the fuel savings that companies are achieving through the use of GPS technologies it's fast becoming the latest green trend. The latest PR tool in the race to be viewed by the public as being the most carbon friendly.

In the end though the real irony of it all is that the satellites that were initially launched into orbit were placed there for military purposes. Satellites that are now being used to reduce the likelihood of military conflicts through greater energy independence. PinPoint GPS Solutions Inc. provides end-to-end GPS tracking and mobile workforce solutions for a wide variety of market segments by combining innovative technologies with a focus on service.

Name: Vince Arone
Address: 2800 Skymark Avenue,
Suite 300, Mississauga, Ontario,
L4W 5A6, Canada
Phone: 1-855-624-6477

Contact Information

  • Name: Vince Arone


    Telphone: 1-855-624-6477 , -

    Address: 2800 Skymark Avenue,
    Suite 300, Mississauga, Ontario,
    L4W 5A6,