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Trend in Tinted Windows Exposing Car Lot Price Gouging

It's advancements in materials technology that the growing popularity in window tinting in Sydney, Australia can most be credited for. That is that today's tinted windows don't bubble, flake and chip like they were known for doing in decades past.

So now more vehicle owners are getting them, and because they are far more trouble-free than they were in the past car dealers are also now more inclined to offer them at the time of sale.

Extra add-ons for a new or used vehicle purchased off a lot have always come with an extra charge, above and beyond the actual cost. A fee to account for the extra work and delay that the dealer has to go through to have them done.

But just how much extra are today's dealers charging their customers and does it go beyond what's reasonable to qualify as price gouging? So what better place to go to find an answer to this question than to

In a recent phone interview the company service manager said that, “It's a common practice for car dealers in Australia charge upwards of $150 above and beyond the actual cost of having the windows tinted. What's worse is that in most cases they're not even doing it in-house on their lot. They're simply picking up the phone and contacting me, so I can send a crew of installers out to do the work. $150 for a simple phone call is quite a bit of cash when the vehicle buyer can just as well arrange to have window tinting in Sydney done themselves on the spot with their cell phone. Also as vehicle upgrades go, window tinting is a relatively fast job that a buyer can have done on their way home after they drive the car or truck off a lot.”

He also went on to point out that any reputable window tinting business guarantees their work now, so vehicle buyers don't gain any benefit in that area from going through a dealer.

Then the real eye-opener that he offered up is that with competition on the rise in this particular business genre special promotional offers and discounts are the norm down. Offers and discounts that go right into the dealers pocket rather than the buyers.

His final word of advice to today's vehicle buyers though, was that they should think twice about any extra ad-ons that they are considering at the time of sale. He said it's best to focus strictly on the vehicle and wait till after you get it off a lot to shop around for better deals because the savings can really add up.

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