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St. Louis Child Prodigy Uses TV Show House to Discover New Eye Surgery Technique

The hit TV show "House" almost has a cult-like following. Many people obsessively watch reruns on TV and through DVD box sets, but for one child prodigy in Missouri that obsession may have just paved the way for his future.

Johnny Timmons has been an avid fan of the show "House" since the age of 4. His mother and father would watch the show religiously when it aired on Monday nights, and Johnny soon followed suit.

"We thought it was cute at first that Johnny was so into the show", said mother, Tina Timmons. "We didn't realize what an impact it was having on him at the time."

While watching a particular episode that involved an extensive and complicated eye surgery that could leave the patient blind, Johnny who was by then at the age of 10 -- became obsessed. He started spending hours a day figuring out a better way to ensure that the eye surgery would have a 100% success rate.

"We just let him tinker with his toys and computer programs", said father Harold Timmons. "We didn't realize that he would actually come up with something important."

Johnny discovered an alternative way to perform the eye surgery that would have a success rate of 99.8%. There would be no risk of blindness, pain, or potential for needing other eye surgeries.

Johnny in his excitement took his findings to his parents, who didn't seem all that impressed.

"We really just thought it was something he was playing around with", said Tina Timmons. "However, Johnny was obsessed with the idea of taking his findings to a local eye surgery center and showing them, so that's what we did."

Local St. Louis eye surgeon, Dr. Davis agreed to meet with Johnny Timmons and his family to see what the little Timmons boy had discovered.

"I really just thought that his findings would be some 10 year olds' version of eye surgery", explained Dr. Davis. "I mean how someone who is 10 could know so much about eye surgeries is beyond me. I was proven wrong this time."

Johnny Timmons showed his findings to Dr. Davis who immediately discovered that the Timmons boy was on to something.

"Johnny has discovered something that could potentially change the way people all over the world conduct eye surgeries", said Dr. Davis.

Dr. Davis is working with Johnny Timmons to create a presentation that will be shown in front of the national medical committee this summer.

"We have a real child prodigy on our hands and this just could change eye surgery techniques for the better", said Dr. Davis.  

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