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Abilify VS Latuda : Patient Experiences

In this note,a leading psychiatrist in Boston asked us to compare patient viewpoints on Abilify Vs Latuda to help manage the health insurance formulary plans since Latuda in most formularies is at a higher tier than Abilify. We have given an excerpt of the patient viewpoints that was used to bolster the case for the prescription choice (Abilify or Latuda).

PharmaFlare analyzed 50 different patient viewpoints on Abilify Vs Latuda, 7 of which were more favorable to Abilify than Latuda and the rest 43 in which Latuda was more favorable than Abilify.

Sample Patient Experiences where Abilify was more positive than Latuda (Total 7 Comments):-

Sample Comment 1:

I took Latuda when it first came out and at first I thought it was terrific, a near wonder drug. It did clear my psychosis in record time, no voices within days, in fact, but I found that 1) I was indeed eating more and gaining weight rapidly and 2) nowhere near as creative as I am on the combination of Abilify and Geodon.On Abilify and Geodon (I must take the Geodon with the the Abilify or the latter makes me much too prone to irascibility) my output is tremendous.

Sample Comment 2:

Well, Latuda did not produce acceptable results. At 40 mg, it did not produce a satisfactory
antidepressant response, and it left me feeling cognitively numb and in a "brain-fog". Still, I believe that Latuda will help some people with depression. Researchers are looking closely at 5-HT7 receptor antagonism and its antidepressant effects. Latuda does this. Some people may not need the D2/D3 partial agonism of Abilify, in which case, Latuda might be a good choice for its lack of metabolic side effects.

I restarted Abilify at 10 mg few days ago, and I am beginning to recapture an antidepressant response.

Sample Patient Experiences where Latuda was more positive than Abilify (Total 43 Comments):-

Sample Comment 1:

I AM currently on latuda i was on invega but have taken abilify before, the invega made me really tired and incoherent it was hard to think or talk some of the time, the invega also made me gain 40 pounds that is why i switched to latuda. I think it is better i have lost 10 pounds i no longer want to gorge myself with food and some of the side affects are better such as i feel like doing more and have a little more energy, so i guess this medicine is better for me then some of the other ones.

Sample Comment 2:

I'd seriously consider going on Latuda. I gained 100 pounds from Seroquel, Risperdal and Abilify and I've lost 26 of those pounds already. Not to mention that it helps my symptoms almost completely (unless I'm under a lot of stress). It's the best AAP that I've been on and I really like it.

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    Company: Gridlex

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