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Tips on Reducing Backpain

Lower back pain sometimes is missed from our attention. Most people might think that itís just the result of working too hard whereas such pain cannot be underestimated because it can be resulted from a serious illness, tumor for example. According to a study, 80% of people who reach age 50 must have experienced backpain at least once during their life. This has become a problem in every country because it can affect working productivity. What really cause backpain? Backpain can be felt in the right or left side. Lower right back pain can be caused by aging process. Itís a little bit similar to lower left back pain. Aging process can also cause nerve to pinch. Besides, lower backpain can be resulted from trauma from the body system. It can create small tears in muscle. Backpain can be also the symptom of scoliosis. Lower left back pain is commonly suffered by pregnant woman also. This is because there is pressure from the womb to the muscle and nerve on the hips.

Take a bedrest
One of backpain symptoms is painful feeling on the hips. This not always happened though. But when someone has it, then he/she should be aware that there is possibility that the pain source can be from several organ surrounding such as kidney, intestines, ovarium, etc. All of them can contribute to the lower right back pain. When someone suffers from such pain, itís better to rest for a while in order to reduce the pain. If bedrest cannot endure it, then X-ray or MRI might be ordered. After that, phisiotherapy can be done. Meanwhile, pregnant patient who feel lower left back pain can take a seat or rest in bed after long time standing.

Do simple exercise in the workplace
For certain people like those who work in the office, lower right backpain can be caused by sitting too long, wrong sitting position, improper body posture, and trauma. In order to avoid backpain, there are some tips you might want to follow. First, sit in the right position. Lower right back pain will not come to you easily if you sit straight and straighten up your seat back. Secondly, donít sit for a long time. After two hours sitting, stand for about five minute and then you can sit again. Do it over for the next two hours. Third, during break time you can do simple exercise that focusing on strenghtening abdominal muscles and hips. If you do this regularly, then you can avoid suffering from lower right back pain.

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