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Jet For The Day

Additionally, you regularly have to be concerned about layovers, flight delays and several other issues that can come up with commercial airline flights. There are frequently delays because of security problems, long lines, and this may cost you if you have to be at a meeting and wind up reaching late.

Commercial flying is a big convenience both for business and recreational travel. Regrettably, it comes to us with a disadvantage that grows worse continuously. Several travelers will agree that time is a high valued products these days. Hardly anyone want to waste it by having to get to the airport 2 hours early for their flight to spend an unbearable amount of time going through security, checking in and then waiting for a flight that might possibly be delayed.

One of the issues that businesses encounter when using commercial airlines is that if you send an employee on a business trip, your employee is too tired to make the trip back on the same day, so they end up at a hotel at your expense. In many instances, they get the first available room, at the first hotel they are able to find, and this might be the more costly room. There is then breakfast, dinner, and also the time lost because of having to fly back the following day.

You can save money and time with a private jet

Instead of contending with all these hassles, why not simply charter a private jet? On the usual, although you might consider them more expensive than commercial travel, taking into account all the issues and delays associated as stated above, it could save you not only hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars in expenditures, but lost time as well. You do have a few security measures to deal with, as is likely, but you don't have to be concerned about waiting for other people ahead of you.

Get straight flights to wherever you want to go

A one day trip can be just that. Instead of having layovers and delays at airports, Private Jets provide straight flights to wherever you want to go, and can take you there a lot faster. You are in way more control of the situation. If you that you have to travel somewhere for a business trip, all that you have to do is give adequate notice, generally 24 hours or less, and the jet will be waiting for you when you reach the airport. You do not have to be bothered about purchasing a ticket, or actually anything.

Avoid illnesses

There are also several other benefits of using a private jet. In nowadays of people traveling, a lot of persons that are sick get on planes, and certainly you don't know that until it is too late. You can contract several airborne illnesses and not even know it. Getting sick can cause an employee or you to miss work, costing you money and time. In some instances, you might have important documents with you, and you are at risk when you go through a commercial airline.

Chartering a jet for privacy

Imagine that you are planning a business meeting that requires many persons to travel. If you rent a private jet, you will pay just one price for all the people going, and not having to pay for each person's ticket. You won't be surrounded by a group of strangers; you will know exactly who you're flying with. Businesses benefit from the flexibility, convenience and security that a private jet provides. Flight time can be productive and gives main personnel the opportunity to 'circle the horses' before an important event or meeting. Have you ever been on a business trip with a group when upon reaching the destination one of the parties' luggages did not get there? This kind of problem is eliminated totally with a Private Jets.

Are Private Jet Charters best for your group or for you? Think about the price to advantage factors linked with stress, the convenience, reduced travel time, security and flexible schedules. You might realize that you are a major candidate for private jets also. It's the most hassle free, speedy and flexible way to fly. When you charter a private jet, you do not have to cope with anyone else. You can fly at a time suitable to you, from any airport, including small ones, and you experience a level of comfort, security, privacy and personal service basically unavailable at scheduled airlines. Chartering a private jet can refurbish your issue with air travel.  

Contact Information

  • Name: Samuel Smyth

    Company: Private Jet Charter

    Telphone: 02088-78979- , 02088-78979

    Address: Private Jet Charter, Gable House, 239 Regents Park Road, London N3 3LF, U K