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All-new Environmental Weed Control Sheen Flame Gun to Eliminate Weeds

Leicestershire, United Kingdom, May 14, 2012 – The United Kingdom’s well known gardening tool specialists Gardening-Tools-Direct have developed “sheen flame gun”, an environmentally sustainable weed eradication tool that ensures a 100% weed control on your farms and gardens and thus help beautify and add value to your landscape. By eliminating weeds, it helps maintain the fertility of your soil.

The innovative new product by Gardening-Tools-Direct effectively eliminates weeds and reduces soil erosion. The company claims that it’s becoming part of the farming practices very fast and farmers love to own it to get rid of unwanted plants and weeds that often create farming problems for them. Before the growing season, the company witnesses a stupendous demand for their sheen flame guns and this shows how people have started trusting this tool to clear their farmland of unwanted plants and bushes.

By clearing weeds, the sheen flame gun makes your land totally porous and this makes the soil full of nutrients with the passage of water and air through it. Gardening-Tools-Direct maintains that it’s a preferable choice than using traditional plastic groundcovers which often make soil deficient of nutrients. The company also refutes any doubts surrounding the gun’s use to affect the environment. The sheen flame gun is environmentally acceptable and helps maintain the top soil layer in its place and avoids soil degradation. The tool is eco-effective, since it doesn’t use chemicals. A flame of 2000 degree F temperature destroys the weeds and prepares your land for the next sowing season. It helps decompose the weeds fast and soil is enriched with the micro-nutrients.

The company claims that many farmers have been benefited by the combined usage of fertilizers and these micro-nutrients which has enhanced their yielding value of their soils. The flowers and vegetables in their farms receive the vital elements for growth. According to the company, many UK farmers are now reaping healthy and optimum level of crops in their farms and they give its credit to the sheen flame gun. Now, they are growing a wide range of crops and there is no more off-season for them. To know more about this effective weed control tool and to get one for yourself, you can visit the link

About Gardening-Tools-Direct


Gardening-Tools-Direct has been developing modern gardening tools since 2003 to help the farm owners in various manners. Its aim is to bring together the manufacturing expertise and the e-commerce skills to ensure fast product delivery of a wide range of gardening tools and products to a geographically diverse region.

Customer Care: Gardening-Tools-Direct

Should you have any question, or want to know more about the tool, you can contact them at:

Telephone: 0845 519 6095

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    Company: G A.P Limited

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