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Discover Relief From Sciatic Pain With A Sciatica Saddle

Stop suffering from sciatic pain, when there is a new, unique and patented Sciatica Saddle, which is been specifically created to redistribute the weight that generally sits on your pelvic bone, to bring you a refreshing feeling of comfort and relief from sciatica pain. With elevation, cushion and dampening, the Sciatica Saddle will provide you the relief from sciatica pain that you have been wanting and needing for so long. A world-renowned physician and associate professor of medicine with more than 25 years in practice, Dr. Ann Fendley, have developed the Sciatica Saddle.

The Sciatica Saddle is the world's first cost effective and noninvasive option, eliminating the need for medical visits, painful surgeries and more that only provide temporary belief. The Sciatica Saddle promotes proper posture and can actually help alleviate your sciatica pain today. You can easily take the Sciatica Saddle anywhere you go, because its lightweight design gives you the opportunity to take it anywhere you go.

Regardless of whether you are on the couch, or on a plane, no matter where you are sitting, if you choose to sit on the Sciatica Saddle, you can permanently experience relief from sciatica pain. The Sciatica Saddle creates two powerful yet unique benefits, to assist in the elimination of pain caused by purification of your sciatic nerve. First, it lifts the weight off of your piriformis muscle, reducing the stress and inflammation caused by sitting, and it will also encourage better posture, allowing you to become more accustomed to sitting correctly.

Your piriformis muscle comes from your sacral spine, and attaches to your greater trochanter at the top of your femur. The sacrum is the next-to-last boning your spine, and the trochanter is the bony bump on the outside top part of your thigh. Most people experience a sciatic nerve that runs beneath the piriformis muscle, but in roughly 15%, it goes directly through this muscle.

When the piriformis muscle is irritated or swelled up, it increases the pressure on your sciatic nerve and causes extreme pain. Anyone whose sciatic nerve runs through this muscle versus beneath that are much more susceptible to this type of pain. However, through using the Sciatica Saddle with other no surgical treatments, you will be able to finally relieve sciatic nerve pain.

With recommendations by sciatic physicians and chiropractors, you can experience Relief from Sciatic Pain simply by using a Sciatica Saddle. With those visiting designed to relieve your sciatic nerve inflammation, the Sciatica Saddle was developed after reviewing thousands of MRIs from patients that suffer from sciatic nerve pain. With the patent pending design, the Sciatica Saddle addresses the primary causes of sciatica, bringing relief to thousands of sufferers.

You too can discover relief from your sciatica pain, by purchasing a Sciatica Saddle. Available online at, you can now purchase a Sciatica Saddle to help you alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with your sciatica. Hundreds of people have experienced relief from sciatica pain, and you can too, by purchasing a Sciatic Saddle today.  

Contact Information

  • Name: Phil Cogan

    Company: Sciatica Solutions

    Telphone: 908-242-6580 , -

    Address: PO Box 506, Pittstown, NJ, 06687