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Organizing Your Lawn Mowing Business

May 09, 2012 - Everyone from teenagers to retired businessmen have been known to start small lawn mowing businesses, but a true lawn mowing business will stand out from the crowd by being organized and professional at all times. You donít need a full team of office workers to put your small lawn mowing business at the same level as the big guys. Here are a few ways job scheduling software for your lawn mowing business can help.

Access Schedules from the Field

If your field staff is coming to the office between each job, youíre losing time and money. Even if your field staff stops by once a day, thatís time that could be put to better use. Since lawn mowing job scheduling software is stored on the Cloud, your team can access schedules and paperwork from anywhere, using a home PC, smart phone, or other mobile device. If you have an Internet connection, you can connect.

This is great because paperwork is also accessible from anywhere. No more going back to the office to get paperwork or turn in billing information. Itís all in the system for your field staff to access any time.

Customer Database Accessible

Your customer information is stored in the database, accessible to your staff and you. This allows for easy access to customer information if one of your team members shows up at a job site to find that the customer isnít answering the door, that field team member merely has to look up that customerís information using a mobile device to get in touch with that person.

The same goes for last-minute appointment changes. If your team member discovers he or she is running behind on jobs for the day, that team member can access each customerís information to let them know. Additionally, the job scheduling software can automatically rearrange the rest of the jobs for the day to possibly send other available team members to help out.

For instance, Team Member A may be running behind because one lawn mowing job took longer than expected. Team Member B, meanwhile, had a cancelation and now has an extra block of time in the afternoon. Job scheduling software can juggle your lawn mowing appointments so Team Member B can take one of Team Member Aís appointments.

The best thing about automating the scheduling process is that your employees will know immediately when a change is made. Your employee will be alerted in the field and your software will update with the new schedule. Since all necessary paperwork is attached to the appointment, your team member wonít even have to come to the office. He or she can simply load up all equipment and head to the new job. All customer information is also available if the team member should need to make a call to let him or her know about the changes.

Running a lawn mowing business is challenging enough. By automating processes, youíll be able to focus on growing your business rather than dealing with everyday administrative tasks.

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Scheduleflow Pty Ltd
56 orchard Crescent Mont Albert North
3129, VIC
Country: Australia
Phone: 0401026347

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  • Name: Paul Tyrrell

    Company: Scheduleflow Pty Ltd

    Telphone: 4-0102-6347 , 401-026347

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