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Lack of sleep can affect your ability to cope through the day

Letís face it, if we donít get a good nightís sleep we are grumpy and have aches and pains because of it. Lack of sleep can cause anyone to have a bad day all around. When you continually do not get enough sleep, you run the risk of problems with your health due to the unnecessary stress levels that go along with lack of adequate and restful sleep. If your inability to get enough sleep through the night is due to a horrible mattress, you should consider replacing your mattress with a new one. There are many types of mattresses to choose from that will allow your body to get the rest it needs to face each day.

There are mattresses for every body shape and weight.

Sleep studies have shown that a personís body shape and weight affects how pressure points are created when in a sleeping position. If you have an odd body shape or are heavy-set, you will need a mattress that will allow your spine to be kept in proper alignment throughout the night. There are several types of mattresses you can choose from:

  • A latex mattress is a foam mattress made out of material from the rubber tree.

  • A memory foam mattress is made from materials that were first used for space astronauts.

  • Innerspring and pocketed spring mattresses can provide support to keep your spine in alignment.

  • Combination foam and spring mattresses are also available.

It is important to also consider the amount of firmness you prefer.

The amount of firmness you prefer is just a matter of choice or it could be based on your normal sleeping position:

  • Stomach sleepers do best with firm mattresses because they support the spine.

  • Back sleepers do well with medium mattresses that are neither too hard nor too soft.

  • Side sleepers generally do best with a mattress that conforms to their body such as a latex mattress.

Whichever firmness you choose, you will want to be certain that your body is support in its entirety so as to avoid the development of pressure points or strains on certain parts of your musculoskeletal system.

Also of importance is your ability to have enough room to stretch out and relax.

When you sleep, pretty much all bets are off as far as your bodily movements go. If you are one who is prone to thrashing around and tossing and turning throughout the night, you would be better off getting a mattress that provides you with enough room. This is especially true if you share your bed with a partner. You donít want to accidently knock them out of bed during the night or kick them because you donít have enough space. If you are a sleeper who needs space, a king size bed would be the best choice but if you donít have the space in your bedroom for a king bed, a double mattress can work just fine.

Room size does matter when choosing a bed.

Wouldnít we all love to have the space that a king sized bed provides? But, most people donít have the space for a bed that large in their bedrooms. You need space in your room in order to walk around, open doors and have other pieces of furniture. For smaller rooms, 4ft beds provide enough space for sleeping, about six inches more than a single bed does. Generally, single beds are used by children, teenagers and single adults but are difficult to sleep in for larger people and for two sleepers. If you are trying to decide on what size of a bed to purchase, you may have to take measurements of your room.

Take your time deciding on which type and size of mattress you wish to have.

Since a new mattress is a large purchase and one that you will be sleeping on for many years to come, you will want to be certain that the one you choose will let you get the much needed rest each night that you deserve. Testing out mattresses can be done in your local mattress store, but that doesnít mean you will have to make your purchase from there. There are online mattress stores like Mattress Next Day where you can not only purchase your mattress from, but have it delivered to you the next day. You work hard throughout the day, so pamper yourself nightly on a new mattress to prepare for the following day.

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