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Lab Testing Solutions - The Solutions and the Passion

Since conception in 2008, Lab Testing Solutions has been continually expanding as it seeks to send a message of a Drug Free society. Many say the war on drugs is a fruitless effort similar to the 100 Years’ War, but the significance of both can be seen in many fashions. Because of the century long battle between England and France, we see the value of democracy versus tyranny as well as many scientific innovations that evolved during that time. In other words, we must remain optimistic of the ancillary benefits. So where exactly do we stand today in this evolutionary process?


Most worldwide policies and systems are designed to punish because it is easier. Lab Testing Solutions sees treatment and prevention as the most affordable option. In other words, the supply of the problem is not the best way to tackle this issue, controlling the demand can choke the supply. Substance abuse is a socioeconomic disadvantage as facts have indicated it decreases productivity and costs companies billions of dollars a year nationwide. Each state has implemented drug Free Workplace policies that are financially driven by offering companies a Worker’s Compensation discount ranging from 5% to 10%. Additionally, the intangible benefits of lower turnover, higher productivity, safer work environments, and overall workplace growth are seen. Thus, making prevention affordable.


Lab Testing Solutions not only will provide business services, but they also focus on personal programs that help parents and kids at home with VERY affordable options to stop abuse before it starts. We only use SAMHSA labs and MROs through Quest, LabCorp, MedTox, ATN, Alere, Omega, & Redwood.

From a physiological perspective, human beings turn to drugs/alcohol to balance dopamine (chemicals in the brain) during times of stress or environments that cause lower mood levels. Our body learns to program itself in these ways until surroundings are changed to avoid this addictive habit. LTS feels that many treatments can be done at home with family and friends rather than third party counseling. Just like the workplace, working together in a holistic manner makes prevention affordable.

Lab Testing Solutions lives up to its nomenclature: SOLUTIONS, via free consultations. A completely digital system saves 70% downtime and 10% in costs. With special access to thousands of collection sites, background checking, drug counselors, risk management services, insurance mitigation, and many aspects of keeping your business in business. From there, the company takes a personalized approach to those who need help at home, or even have legal concerns and need testing to prove parentage or maintain a drug screening free lifestyle. Free kits are available.

Employee screenings is very important in today's economy. People are assets and you must educated yourself as to who and what you are hiring before you let them represent your company. Prevention of bad employees can save you hundreds or thousands annually.


The company was established by Anthony Webb in 2008 behind the compelling story of when a close acquaintance was responsible for a DUI death of a mother and child. Since then, the dedication to keep companies’ drug free is fueled by the passion to educate families, schools, and other societal groups that create our community. To further aspire in this goal, the acquisition by a new CEO, Prerit (Pete) Patel, has enabled the company to spread the message nationwide through strategic partnerships with Drug Free groups across the country.

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