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Man Eating Mattress Negotiates with Family for Better Treatment

Memory foam mattresses are loved for their ability to provide support to the body while also feeling as if they are wrapping it in a soft, cushy cloud. Imagine one couple’s surprise when they realized that the memory foam mattress that they slept on every night for the past two years, up and became alive one evening.

“No one would believe us if we told you the story”, said Jacob Young. “I mean who believes that a household item would just up and become alive on day. No one I tell you. No one with half a brain I tell you that’s for sure.”

The Young family had just come home from a day at the theme park when they noticed that several objects in their bedroom missing. Objects such as the pillows, blankets and sheets were completely missing, and nowhere to be found.

“We searched the house thinking maybe some random person had come into our house and played a prank on us”, said Elizabeth Young. “The stuff just wasn’t anywhere to be found, which was creepy. Then we heard our poor puppy whimpering and ran into the bedroom.”

When the Young family ran into the bedroom to see what the dog’s whimpering was all about they discovered their mattress standing upright, holding the dog by its tail. The mattress had grown a face and looked like it was ready to eat the little dog.

“It kept looking at us like we were food”, said Jacob. “My wife was on her knees crying and begging to let the dog go, but the mattress just kept looking at us like he couldn’t understand us.”

After several hours of crying and pleading, the mattress finally decided to communicate with the Young family. He released the dog and wanted to negotiate with the family.

“Apparently the mattress who is named Matthew by the way”, said Elizabeth Young. “Wanted to talk to us about the way that we had been treating him. He said that we weren’t cleaning him properly, the sheets were itch, and we showed no respect for him.”

The mattress made the Young family sign an agreement that they would take good care of him in the future. The agreement also requires that the Youngs use silk sheets instead of wool.

“He told us if we don’t follow it he could just up and eat us whole one evening”, said Jacob. “I don’t want that to happen, but who would have thought this could have happened. Just goes to show you watch how you treat your mattress it could eat you one day!”  

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