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Baby Bunny Saved from Near Death by Leftover Raw Dog Food

Most tragic stories rarely has a happy ending, but for one tiny little bunny that belonged to the Klickton family the tragic story of survival has a happy ending for everyone involved. Every year, the Klickton family leaves on a ten day vacation to the Hawaiian Islands. This year the youngest member of the Klickton family got a rabbit, which happened to have a bunny while in possession.

“We were unable to find any vet, friend or family member that was willing to take the rabbit in while we were on vacation”, said George Klickton. “After consulting several vets and animal experts, we were told that the rabbit and baby bunny would be fine if we left them with a pile of food. After all, rabbits are usually wild animals.”

The Klickton family left for their 10 day vacation leaving a pile of lettuce, berries, seeds and carrots for the rabbit. However, sometime during that 10 day vacation the rabbit was stolen out of the hutch along with all the food by a band of neighborhood thieves.

“Police tell us that the neighborhood thieves thought this rabbit to be a rare and expensive animal”, explained Sally Klickton. “They took it not realizing that it had a baby bunny in the cage.”

The small baby bunny chewed its way out of the hutch and made its way to the Kickton’s garage where they store the animal food. The bunny found a pile of left over raw dog food, and used that to keep it alive for the remainder of the vacation.

“Bunnies are strong-willed characters. This little guy had it in him to survive and he did”, said veterinarian Dr. Griggs. “Maybe he smelt the raw dog food, or maybe he was just looking around for more food. But it was a good thing it was there because that raw dog food saved this bunny’s life.”

The Klickton’s came home from their vacation and noticed the tiny chewed hole in the garage. Walking into the garage they spotted the tiny bunny gnawing on a small portion of the dog food.

“I didn’t know that rabbits could survive off of dog food”, said James Klickton. “I’m just glad my bunny is okay, I would have been sad if he died.”

Two weeks later, police recovered the rabbit while serving a search warrant on a local residence. The mother and son rabbits have since been reunited and currently live together in a rebuilt hutch. The Klickton’s will occasionally give them raw dog food, just for old times’ sake.  

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