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Learn magic notes

Learn magic notes
Many young people like magic, because it can make people around him happy, also feel very mysterious, but learn the magic of a lot of attention to where, you know?
(1) With every new magic, must take notes, the person's memory is limited, although now remember, but a few days later, after a few months will forget, so be sure to take notes.
(2) Prepare a mirror, for exercise.
(3) Not only the means to practice magic alone when, after the lines to good, and manipulation combined with practice.
(4) Well after the move, change as soon as possible for others to see, the longer the delay will be more afraid of change is not good to change.
(5) Pick a day out in front of the magic, practice one or two times, so that when you on this day have the opportunity to change the magic, will not act with confusion.
(6) As a skilled magic increased, the magic trick of the condensed into a piece of paper, when the need to take out to see, can quickly remember the magic amazing magic tricks
of political reform, to exercise or performance have the help of.
(7) Before going to bed time, think of today have changed magic, put down the need to improve the place, or is there the audience after reaction good also take it down. (8) A magic need to be singled out for a period of time to practice, but the practice will not like to practice magic, after dinner, watch TV, on the bus, or before going to bed, is a good time to practice.
(9) When somebody asks you to learn magic, first of all to see he is just want to know the magic is how to change? Really want to learn magic. Then you can first and he said" I don't teach magic" and then find a way out of this topic.
(10)" means" this thing to practice, practice to practice, a thousand times is normal, the difficult tricks to practice to skilled words, practice a tens of thousands of times is not strange, so when you feel too hard, not up, don't be discouraged, as long as you practice more, no practice no magic.
In fact, these are based on the design of the code, we must carefully observe,wholesale magic store china
not just to learn magic, I hope all the learning magic could really love it, because love and learn magic, not just to play. Hope that aspiring to become a magician's you, all will be able to fulfill the dream.magic props for sale

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