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Howard Thurston three principles

Howard Thurston three principles
According to the United mind tricks
States after magician Hugo Hausa Boston (1896-1936) behavior summed up the principle. This is the SA Boston three principles:
(1) Never to tell the secret of magic.
This is all the code of the first, and most importantly. If there is no secret, again difficult again dazzling skills, in front of the audience with waste, the magician relegated to tricks to ridicule. Don't say you the man of God, said to you as a liar and an idiot.
A man with a masked magician said: the secret of magic to the public, to make magic progress. Yes, the secret of magic to publicly give heart to learn the magic of the man, but is it right? There is no cost and unlimited open to the public. Magic is not to everyone, a certain threshold limit is a must. This sentence is shaping his personal tragedy hero image of the excuses. Because of his program, which in some areas of the magician goshmagic
unemployment, and he earned a lot of money, don't, this is ethical behavior? He insulted the audience appreciate the power, and people also clap.
(2) Are not in the same performance before an audience the same magic.
When you play, if the audience to ask you to change again, the representative of your performance very central A please remember, don't get the same trick again, because you will pay was debunked the risk, and made a clown. The same techniques are preferably not more than two times, to avoid being the audience see through...
(3) Explains the performance content not first. Magic emphasize the so-called sense of wonder, if you have to do the next step to let the audience know, there are dramatic and surprise? As have been known to result in a movie or novel, lost his magic. So, please don't say you want to show the effect of the performance and results. But there will also be caught in danger. On the other hand, performing magic is not rigid, content to be changed in order to attract the audience.
Howard Thurston three principles are a magician and magic of the people the most basic to be obeyed, but there are always people will ignore it. wholesale magic store china

Usually the first church magic before, I will first pour exhortations into sibís ear to tell Howard Thurston three principles, and shows a real strength of the magicians in the appreciation of others when performing is a very gentlemanly, respect for peers (also respect the invention of these techniques predecessors), try not to crack the expose people (some of them know the toilets think master in others when performing to break people), even after classes will be mentioned.
Don't follow the three principles of the people, are not eligible to learning and performing magic.

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