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Could the Cure to Cat and Dog Obesity be a Shot Away?

The HGC diet is not without its controversy. Some people swear by this diet claiming that it can help them lose up to 10 to 20 pounds in a week, while others say it’s dangerous and not worth the costs. Pushing the controversy aside, this diet which uses a hormone called HGC to lose weight in humans may be able to help obese or overweight cats and dogs.

“Humans aren’t the only things that struggle with weight loss”, said researcher David Green. “Through no fault of their own, cats and dogs struggle with losing weight. Unlike humans though, these animals rely upon their owners to help them, and sometimes that isn’t enough.”

David Green has come up with the theory that cats and dogs secrete a hormone that is very similar to the one that is used in the human version of the HCG diet. If this hormone was discovered a diet therapy very similar to the human diet therapy could be discovered and used to help dogs and cats shed the weight.

“On the most fundamental scale cats and dogs are no different than humans”, explains Green. “This means there should be a hormone very similar to the HGC hormone produced in these animals. If I could find it, harvest it, and make it into a liquid it could be injected or mixed into the animal’s food.”

Green has taken his theory to several veterinarian clinics all across the United States. Green believes by showcasing his theory to several vets, he might be able to find someone who can help him discover the hormone that would solve the world’s cat and dog obesity problem once and for all.

“I have gone to several vet clinics”, said Green. “The response to my presentation has been mixed. There are vets who come up and want to help me with my studies, and then there are vets who think what I am doing in insane, unnatural and boarders on animal cruelty.”

David Green has come up against some huge resistance in the past three months. Cat and Dog Worldwide Expo has gone as far as to ban him from even entering the expo.

“We don’t want to encourage animal testing” explains event director Tiggy Woods. “While his intentions may be pure, as a group that is what we believe Green is essentially doing. We don’t want that type of stuff at our expo. He just simply is not welcome.”

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