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Could Glucosamine for Dogs Cure Scale Rot on Exotic Birds?

Keeping exotic birds as pets can be traced all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. There is just something that sends a chill up a person’s spine at the thought of owning and keeping such a beautiful, magnificent bird as a pet. That chill and thrill can quickly be diminished if the exotic bird starts to develop a rare and potentially serious condition known as scale rot.

Scale rot is a condition that exotic birds develop over time. The cause of it is unknown, but it can cause the beautiful feathers of a bird to start to fall off. Unlike shedding where the feathers will eventually grow back, scale rot leaves the exotic birds bare. This condition is extremely distressing to bird owners as there is no known cure, until now.

Dr. Crosby, a practicing veterinarian of 20 years may have discovered the cure to scale rot on exotic birds. That cure comes in the form of glucosamine for dog drops.

“While working with an extremely upsetting case of scale rot on a beautiful parrot”, explained Dr. Crosby. “I accidently dropped the drops of glucosamine on the back of the bird. I didn’t think anything of it at the time as glucosamine is harmless, but when the owner called me to ask what I did I was shocked.”

The feathers started to grow back on the area where the glucosamine drops hit the bird. Glucosamine is usually used to help dogs and cats who are experiencing extreme joint pain due to old age. It appears as if this solution may work to help cure the long standing issue of scale rot.

“I am currently trying to see if the scale rot was cured because of the actual glucosamine in the drops, or if it was an issue of another ingredient or a combination of both”, said Crosby.

Exotic bird owners can sometimes pay up to $15,000 for a bird. The thought of one of these precious birds getting scale rot and losing their feathers is extremely upsetting to the point that some owners keep their birds away from any and all contaminants.

“I keep my bird in a small room. She hates me for it but I couldn’t bear it if her feathers fell out from scale rot”, said longtime bird owner Dave Sutherland. “If there is a cure out there I would be so happy.”

Dr. Crosby is still running tests to see if the glucosamine is the cure to scale rot. Test results have been inconclusive lately, but the cure is on the horizon.  

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