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Symbolically Represent the Good of Debt Consolidation Services

A debt consolidation company based out of Detroit, Michigan is taking a unique approach to teaching the country about the dangers of credit card debt. Debt Consolidation Firm holds a bi-monthly seminar that is geared towards teaching the dangers of credit card debt, and how a debt consolidation service just might save the day. Unlike most credit card debt seminars that spend hours talking people’s ear off, this seminar uses tasty food, recipes and ingredients to highlight the main topics.

“No one wants to attend a seminar and feel as if they are back in college”, said seminar creator Mark Tisbit. “I thought by creating a seminar that combines people’s love of food with a serious issue, I could get the word out there about credit card debt and consolidation services in a fun and exciting way.”

Limited to a maximum of 20 people, the seminar starts by showcasing individual ingredients such as ginger, cinnamon, and salt. The seminar attendees are expected to try each individual ingredient and see that alone the stuff doesn’t taste that great.

“Each individual ingredient represents a credit card debt”, explained Tisbit. “When it stands alone each individual credit card debt can be overwhelming and tough to beat, but when combined – much like a recipe – the debts are easier to manage and less overwhelming.”

After tasting each individual ingredient, all the ingredients are combined into one huge recipe. This symbolically represents what a consolidation service can do for people’s credit card debt. When the recipe comes out, people are encouraged to come and try it to see that all the ingredients when combined created something that is extremely tasty.

While the seminar host mixes ingredients and cooks the recipe, attendees are taught the finer points of credit card debt, such as what can happen to people who ignore the debt, how interest rates play a huge role in credit card debt, and other factors.

“I want people to walk away knowing about credit card debt”, said Tisbit. “At the same time, I want them to have fun while learning about it, and this recipe concept is just the thing to do it. People learn something valuable and walk away having tried a very tasty recipe all at the same time.”

The seminar “Food for Thought: a Trip through the World of Debt” has been extremely popular. The past 24 seminars have been sold out, and there is a waiting list of at least 400 people for seminars in the future.  

Contact Information

  • Name: John Alston

    Company: Fanbloom

    Telphone: 347-857-7162 , -

    Address: 1911 Westlake Ave.,Seattle, WA 98101