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Give you a detailed understanding of magic

Give you a detailed understanding of magic
We see the magic don't understand magic, especially our country see the magic atmosphere not like foreign flourishing, the magic of the attitude is not friendly, not to mention there is concern about magic tricks with cards
in. Here want to slowly raise people to appreciate and learn magic atmosphere.
I hope more people read the following on the magic of the introduction, you can change the view of the magic of a mistake, just feel boring people performing acrobatics, I think it is very do not respect the magic of this industry.
Magic words are loanwords, enter the time is very short, and the ancient called" magic", more than two thousand years of history, also known as the" camouflage"" camouflage", known colloquially"".
Magic rely on flexible use of light, sound, electricity and other physical and chemical variety of scientific theories, with the idea of exotic art, resulting in all kinds of strange image of subtle performances. Magic as early as 2000 years ago or even earlier had appeared in the Han Dynasty of our country", and" years to the Dynasties, magic as a performing art is developed. At the same time also began to spread and influence all over the world magic development.
For nearly 100 years, with the increasing exchanges of foreign artists, magic is also heavily into our country. At that time, the southern magic artist focuses on the lessons of Western magic practices; the north is more from the Asian magic skills, therefore, appeared in north and south two schools of magic. The so-called south, the performance pay attention to prop styling and magnificent, goshmagic
beautiful and free performances, generally do not speak; the North sent multiple hand skills, in addition to fine performances, but also pay attention to" the mouth" ( say ), this became the North sent an important characteristics of magic. Later, as the pie with increasing exchanges, learn from each other, now north and south factionís cent is not clear.
I personally feel that China's magic is not very mature, so when you see on television many foreign magic show, always feel very surprised, actually our magician has been hard, I believe will soon be reached the international level, on a recent online to do tricks to speak, I think really don't approve of, this is not conducive to the development of the cause of our magic.
I believe there will be more and more young people like 2012 magic tricks
show, joined the industry, so that more can meet our audience demand.

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