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Gold Coast Flood Cleaning Up San Diego Sewer Leak Problems

Sewage backup clean up calls are on the rise as San Diego homeowners with raised foundation homes smell sewer odors underneath and around their home due to large temperature swings that have caused their sewer lines to break.

San Diego homeowners often are affected by temperature swings that expand and contract old cast iron sewer lines under and around raised foundation homes. When the winter cold has come to an end the temperatures spike up during the day. These rapid temperature changes cause a condition that leads to leaks and sewer pipe breaks with homes that have cast iron pipes. This weather change often results in a very big disgusting mess for the home owner in the form of a sewage backup.

Sewage tends to pool under the structure of the raised foundation of the building when cast iron pipes break or leak. Sewage spills and pooling under or around a building poses a great health risk to the occupants and threatens damage to the property itself.

San Diego based Gold Coast Flood Restorations specializes in the pumping and cleanup of sewage and sewer water from under San Diego homes. It is very important that the raw sewage is pumped out and the area properly sanitized prior to your plumber making a repair for his/her own safety. As registered domestic sewer water waste haulers, Gold Coast Flood Restorations has specialized pumping trucks that can efficiently cleanup by pumping the sewage backup and dispose of it properly.

The dangers of sewage pooling under or around your building are better understood once you see how many contaminants you, your family, and even your plumber may be exposed to if the septic waste is not properly pumped and cleaned.

Raw sewage that can backup under a building from a break or a leak in the iron pipes is considered black water. Often the spillage consists of organic waste and waste water produced by household and industrial sources. Sewage usually contains everything from soap to solid waste, human excrement, industrial waste matter and debris.

Excrement is the major source of dangerous micro-organisms like coliform, fecal coliform, Escherichia coliform, and Enterococcus. Being exposed to a sewage backup or could result in a number of diseases.

Allergic Alveolitis: Inflammation of the alveoli in the lungs is seldom reported with relation to sewage backup. However, when reported its symptoms include fever, breathlessness, dry cough, and aching muscles and joints.

Gastroenteritis: When irritation is excessive, symptoms of gastroenteritis (an inflammation of the stomach and the intestine) can include diarrhea with vomiting and cramps, and is often associated with fever when caused by an infectious agent.

Hepatitis: Literally, Hepatitis means inflammation of the liver and caused by a virus known as viral hepatitis. When Hepatitis is an outcome of sewage backup, it is often characterized by jaundice and inflammation of the liver.

Weil's Disease: An acute feverish disease with symptoms of gastroenteritis, mild jaundice, persistent and severe headache.

Occupational Asthma: A respiratory disorder, occupational asthma shows symptoms of attacks of breathlessness, chest tightness, and wheezing. Additional health dangers include fatal liver, kidney, blood damage, and skin or eye infection.

Sewage Backup Spreads Disease Fast Cleanup Recommended

There are 3 common ways for micro-organisms to penetrate the human body. Hand-to-mouth is the most common way to spread disease and occurs during eating, drinking and smoking. Contaminated organisms could easily enter the body as we breathe aerosolized particles or contaminated dust. Skin contact with contaminated organisms occurs through cuts, scratches, or penetrating wounds, and can enter the body through the surfaces of the eyes, nose and mouth.

If you suspect a leak in the sewer line under your home or experienced a sewage backup, please call Gold Coast Flood Restorations for an inspection by one of their qualified sewage backup cleanup technicians.

Gold Coast Flood Restorations has been a trusted San Diego sewage backup cleanup and sewage pumping contractor in San Diego since 1988. Please call their office today at 619-449-9611 or visit their website at

For more information contact Joe Colombo. He is the owner of Gold Coast Flood Restorations, a San Diego sewage backup cleanup company in San Diego, CA. Gold Coast Flood Restoration technicians are certified in Applied Structural Drying which is a high tech yet customer friendly method of sewage removal and remediation of a sewer line break or septic tank leak. Please call their 24 Hour Toll Free Emergency Service Hotline: 888-373-9243 or visit their San Diego water damage and mold removal and remediation company Gold Coast Flood Restorations online at  

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