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Abnormal Kidney Function Associated With Fibrates

Kidney disease is normally associated with other medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases. However, Canada pharmacies have come across research studies showing older people prescribed fibrate-based medication are more likely to develop kidney disease. Researchers based at the Lawson Health Research Institute found one-tenths of all patients prescribed fibrate-based medication had approximately 50% excess serum creatinine.

Fibrates are hypolipidemic agents prescribed to treat metabolic disorders including high cholesterol levels. Generally prescribed in combination with statins, fibrates are known to improve mortality rate. However, researchers have found they increase levels of serum creatinine, an indicator of kidney disease. For example, patients recently prescribed fibrate-based medication were likely to be hospitalized in comparison to those who were prescribed non fibrate-based drugs. People generally buy Zetia from Canadian pharmacy to protect the kidneys from damage.

Elaborate Study Confirms Ill Effects of Fibrate-Based Medication

Researchers conducted an elaborate study to establish link between higher risk of developing kidney disease and use of fibrates to lower cholesterol levels. Results of nearly 20,000 patients using fibrates were compared with those acquired from 60,000 patients prescribed non fibrate medication including generic Zetia. Participants over 65 years old were considered for the study and were prescribed the respective drugs no longer than 90 days prior to the study.

Findings from the study clearly indicated 50% increase in levels of serum creatinine in 9% patients prescribed fibrates, while just 0.3% non-fibrate users demonstrated approximately 50% increase. Number of participants affected by severe kidney problems resulting in dialysis remained the same in both groups. In other words, patients prescribed fibrates had higher risk of developing kidney disease indicated by higher serum creatinine levels.

Older Patients on Fibrates Must Be Closely Monitored

Researchers understand fibrates have larger impact on how the kidney functions. Physicians prescribing fibrates must be able to measure kidney function in older patients on a regular basis. For example, new patients must be put on minimum dosage making it possible to adjust increased dosages based on functional capability of kidneys. If kidney function is adversely affected, dosage can be lowered.

The onus is on physicians to provide medication offering maximum health benefits while preventing chronic illnesses at the same time. Nearly 26 million people in USA suffer from chronic kidney disease making it necessary for researchers to arrive at structured plans to deal with specific cases. The kidneys ability to remove waste from the blood is measured to assess functionality. Lab tests indicate whether optimum levels of proteins, salts, and water are present in the blood. Results are vital in establishing kidney health.

Canada pharmacies suggest physicians monitor kidney function, if fibrates have to be included in a medical regimen. The recent study has its limitations in that generic test results were available as part of routine medical checkups. Results from all participants were therefore not possible. It is certain, however, fibrates have a larger impact on kidney function. More detailed research studies need to be conducted to find out how exactly medication causes kidney malfunction. It may be some time before detailed results are available, but they may help researchers design better methods of medical intervention.

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