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The new choice for me

  The new choice for me

 I think the LED flashlight is a new choice for us. I know many of us have a flashlight to give us the light when necessary. We need the light, but maybe the traditional flashlight can not satisfy us sometimes.

The common flashlight makes me feel terrible that time. One day, I went outside for hiking. I prepared a traditional flashlight when I was bought the things which I need in the outside. My friend and I went to a mountain happily. The scenery of the mountain was perfectly well, the grass was very green, the flowers were very beautiful, birds were singing some songs. We both felt very excited and happy, we liked this feeling. After we went to the destination, we started to find the way we went. We ate some food before we really started our hiking. But the mountain was so huge, when we finished eating and wanted start our hiking. We found that we getting lost. I did not know the direction which was right. Then, I felt very nervous. My friend told me that we could go any way we like. Our purpose was going hiking, no matter the direction we went. I said that maybe we could not get off the mountain before the night came. But my friend said it did not matter. I followed with her. But we could not get down the mountain when the night fell. We only could stay at the mountain which we wanted to go hiking. There was no moonlight at night. We only can use my flashlight. But unluckily, the flashlight worked for a short time because it had not enough power. Oh, we stayed at the mountain, without any light. How awful.

By suddenly, I knew the LED flashlight. My dormitory mates all bought the LED flashlight, they praised it is convenient. “The LED flashlight is invented over abroad, there are some kinds of colors. You can choose any kind of light you like. Actually, the latest kind one has the most advantages. You know, girls all like carry their handbag with them no matter where they go. Most of them like the small one, which makes them look cute. So you can choose the LED flashlight, because it is so small that can not occupy too much space. You can carry it to go camping, it is useful. It can work for a long time, you will never worry whether it will be power off. Its characteristics are small, convenient, can work for a long time and the light it gives out is strong. You can see something easily even though it has a far distance. So, you can choose the LED flashlight, it is a new choice for you. Also, from now on, you can save a lot of money to buy new clothes because the LED flashlight can work for so long.”

Therefore, choose the LED flashlight is a new choice for me. Why not buy one and save some money to buy new clothes to wear?


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