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Palm Beach Neuromuscular Dentist Andrew Rudnick DMD

Palm Beach Gardens, FL April 25, 2012 - Dr. Andrew Rudnick, DMD, a Palm Beach Gardens neuromuscular dentist, is relieving jaw and headache pain while providing smile makeovers and the benefits of a non-surgical "facelift" with non-surgical "Neuromuscular Dentistry." Neuromuscular Dentistry is the dental treatment of correcting misalignment of the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) and masticatory (Jaw) muscles and teeth to eliminate pain and provide the proper bite alignment. Today's modern computerized analysis tools allow Dr. Rudnick to provide relief, a smile makeover and a more youthful look all without surgery.

When the jaw is not aligned properly and does not close properly, it can cause problems such as headaches, neck and back aches, and numerous other painful disorders. Clenching and grinding of teeth are also common symptoms that often lead to damaged and worn down teeth and a shorter jaw which can make a person appear more aged and years or decades older.

Neuromuscular Dentistry can be used to correct many problems:

Symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder such as migraine headaches, facial pain, back, neck and shoulder pain;

Relieve neck tension and headaches through proper jaw realignment;

Decrease the tension that leads to sore neck and jaw muscles;

Improve facial lines to look and feel younger;

For lengthening the lower face for an improved, more youthful look;

For a smile makeover and the benefits of a facelift without surgery!

Neuromuscular Dentistry uses computerized analysis tools to measure the patient's jaw movements to assist in identifying joint misalignment. This allows Dr. Rudnick to identify the proper bite during rest in order to establish corrections needed to properly align the jaw and position the teeth. The Neuromuscular Dentistry procedure is normally completed in just two phases. The first phase is the diagnosis phase where Dr. Rudnick uses a computerized Evaluation System from Mytoronics to read and measure the head and jaw posture as well as the lower face and jaw. The second phase involves adjusting the bite and adding any wanted cosmetic dentistry procedures to provide a complete smile makeover.

"Neuromuscular Dentistry can be the treatment needed for relieving pain in facial, neck and back muscles, headache pain and even ringing of the ears," stated Andrew Rudnick, DMD - cosmetic and neuromuscular dentist Palm Beach Gardens, FL. "Plus, combined with cosmetic dentistry we can provide a complete 'smile makeover' that makes our patients look 10-20 years younger."

For more information about the cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry services offered by Rudnick Dentistry or to schedule your complimentary consultation, call (561) 625-1991 or visit their website online:

Palm Beach Neuromuscular Dentist

About Rudnick Dentistry

At Rudnick Dentistry, Dr. Andrew Rudnick and our qualified staff offer state-of-the-art restorative and cosmetic dentistry to Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Jupiter and the surrounding areas. The latest in dental technologies, advanced training and procedures, and a knowledgeable, caring team are what puts our practice at the top. As your premier dentist Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Wellington and the surrounding areas, Dr. Rudnick is committed to providing guests with comfortable, individualized, and topnotch dental experiences.

CONTACT: Andrew Rudnick, DMD, 561-625-1991  

Contact Information

  • Name: Andrew Rudnick


    Telphone: 561-625-1991 , -

    Address: Palm Beach Gardens, FL