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Make the move to a cleaner way to smoke with cheap electronic cigarette deals from Era3

Possibly one of the most fascinating inventions to arise out of the last 5 years or so, the electronic cigarette is for many, the blessing they have been searching for when looking to discover a healthier alternative to smoking without giving up their nicotine addiction. Clean, effective, ecologically friendly and sociably accepted, the electronic cigarette or E Cig as it is called by many, utilises specially prepared E-Liquid that is atomised or vaporised into a fine mist that recreates the hit at the back of the throat that so many smokers require and crave for.

In being able to do this the electronic cigarette is able to deliver the same satisfaction as tobacco or a tobacco filter cigarette but without the thousands of harmful chemicals, lingering smoke and the smell which all act as unsociable factors connected with smoking. Available in disposable and refillable cigarettes and cigars, the aesthetics of these devices make them look and feel like their genuine counterparts but serve a real purpose to eradicate the need to continue smoking tobacco based goods and products.

The specially designed atomiser concealed within the filter bodies of both the rechargeable and the disposable cigarette turns the additional E-Liquid (which is nothing but a vegetable glycerine or propylene base to which the desired nicotine and flavourings are added) into a mist or vapour that delivers the refreshing hit to the body. In so many ways the electronic cigarette is without a doubt a huge improvement over past alternatives to smoking and in a single disposable cigarette for example, there can be in excess of 750 to 800 puffs from a single charge and can be ordered in a range of taste to suit your existing brand. Benson and Hedges, all the way to Silk Cut and menthol cigarettes in-between, there are so many reasons why choosing a versatile and long lasting alternative to cigarettes will not only save you lots of money but drastically improve your health and that of those near to you be it your friends or family.

Smoking doesn't have to be an anti-sociable pastime and should be something that can be enjoyed without causing upset for individuals who do not wish to smell of stale tobacco or ingest the raw noxious fumes. Thanks to the wonders of Era3 and there exceptional range of carefully selected products, so many alternatives are now readily available and safe to use in public places such as restaurants, bars, indoor areas, taxi cabs, public transport and even jet airplanes. Without the key to these electronic cigarettes being the fact that they give of no smoke, no smell and pause no threat in any passive way to others, it seems as though they are the ideal solution to finding a healthier alternative to cancerous and harmful tobacco based ways of getting nicotine into the body.

Era3 cover all the regular brands, gauging the strength and the flavour perfectly, to best recreate a smoking sensation quite reflecting your current brand. Their attention to detail in getting their products just right is a reflection on their success as a leading electronic cigarette supplier and whether you request further information on how to start the changeover or for more details; they can be easily reached through their website at

Era3 are a specialist company providing a wide range of cheap Electronic cigarette ranges that allow smokers to receive the same hit of nicotine but without the tar, small and dangerous chemicals delivered by tobacco.  

Contact Information

  • Name: Imtiaaz Ahmed

    Company: Era 3

    Telphone: 01254-4266- , -

    Address: Rosewood Business Park St James Road Blackburn