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E Liquid popularity on the up as the healthier alternative to cigarettes grows further.

As the law now makes the purchase of cigarettes and tobacco products seem even more sectioned and disciplined, with many stores, shops and supermarkets having to hide away their stock from public view, for many it is becoming a strain on their patience. In an extreme bid to further halt the advertisement of cigarette brands and associated paraphernalia from the public eye the government seeks to enforce the complete covering up of all cigarette display counters, vending machines and advertising methods by 2015.

There is an alternative option that has steadily developed an increasingly popular following and these are electronic cigarettes or E Cigs. Operating as a device that atomises specially formulated E Liquid that contains only 5 chemicals as opposed the thousands present in cigarette smoke, the benefits for regular smokers are clear. In fact of those five chemicals, one of which is nicotine, the rest are simply the base liquid which is either natural vegetable based glycerine (glycerol) or a propylene glycol constitution and then whatever flavours an individual requires, matching their existing tastes.

Cleaner, more efficient and a marvellous way to administer nicotine hits, the E Liquid found in electronic cigarettes produces the same satisfying hit that a smoker receives from tobacco and filter cigarettes but without the residue, tar, smell or other socially disruptive elements you would experience through smoking tobacco based over-the-counter cigarettes. In all the recent press regarding the decision to introduce the ban on advertising cigarettes for many stockists, leading to a complete ban in another three years time for smaller shops and independent traders, there are fears that the demand for black market or bootleg cigarettes will rise dramatically, especially after the 37p price hike across many brands.

If this were to happen there is ample opportunity for organised crime divisions to peddle fake and potentially lethal cigarettes and tobacco to many unsuspecting individuals who may wish to smoke but who cannot afford the increasingly high prices for cigarettes today. Saving the health of thousands at this present moment, companies such as Liberty Flights have the resources and the professional experience to present smokers with a fresh, innovative and decidedly better way to enjoy their nicotine rush.

More socially acceptable as the great novelty surrounding the E Cig and the E liquids they use is that they do not create smoke or any anti-social aspects and can therefore be used on public transport, in restaurants and almost everywhere else you can think of where the smoking ban has made it impossible to smoke. On planes, trains, whilst waiting for your next appointment, in the works canteen, these are all places where the E Cigarette is valid and useable, creating a niche opening for those that smoke to be able to do so at their own free will. Because there are no obnoxious smells or smoke, tar and build up of other dangerous chemicals produced, the E Liquid cigarettes offer a pleasant and acceptable way to gain satisfaction from nicotine without the dirty, harmful side effects that are apparent with tobacco products.  

Contact Information

  • Name: Matthew Sir

    Company: Liberty Flights

    Telphone: 00125-77736- , 00125-777367

    Address: PO Box 169. Lancashire