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Consumers React to Benefits of Personal Emergency Response System

Consumers have become more convinced about the efficacy of the personal emergency response system. The results of recent research studies stated that falling is one of the major reasons of death and injuries among many senior citizens.

These surveys say that more than 50 percent of these falls took place in private residences while the rest took place in public utilities. The number of these cases can go up notwithstanding the fact that more caregivers are being hired to take care of elderly citizens. Homeowners also have other alternatives in coping with these alarming developments. One is to entrust their loved ones to adult living facilities or purchase the effective trendy mechanisms.

It has been proven that most falls cannot be prevented despite taking a lot of precautionary measures. If falls can be minimized through caregivers, advanced technology may also play a crucial role in attaining this objective. The major contention is that no matter how sophisticated an automated gadget is, it still lacks the capacity to prevent an old man or woman from falling. The big advantage of emergency medical alert systems is that it can be used to detect a fallen person thereby reducing the time that the victim spends on the ground.

This most recent innovation in electronic care-giving technology can take the form of a necklace, accessory or wrist watch which senior citizens or even those with infirmities can wear and activate in times of emergency. Activation is very simple since a patient only has to push the button and this automatically gets in touch with concerned emergency personnel such as police and fire departments or medical reaction teams. The only downside with emergency medical alert systems is when an individual loses consciousness.

A recent article related how “companies are studying the capability of a unique gadget that would sense the physical action of a fall. What is being used at present is a diminutive, pager-type contraption that may be fastened to the belt or worn near the waist or upper body to pick up signals the body will give off when it is lying at a discomfited position such as when the individual falls down.” Even a cataleptic person who is unable to depress the emergency button can depend on this personal emergency response system.

The functions are relatively simple. When the mechanism discovers a fall, a signal is transmitted to the base which in turn calls the monitoring center. This facilitates communication between the two entities with the monitoring unit calling the concerned agency or person in the list of contacts. Emergency teams will be sent out even if the contacts cannot be located or fail to give a reply. Continuous modifications are being undertaken to improve the features and capabilities of these emergency medical alert systems.

Top corporate institutions in the security industry are currently experimenting with different variations to create a more credible and effective safety apparatus. Technical geniuses are striving to perfect the present personal emergency response system to make it more responsive to the needs of patients.  

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  • Name: Daryl Kelly

    Company: EMT Response

    Telphone: 509-420-4440 , 509-4204440

    Address: 611 The Parkway, Richland, WA 99352