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Humorous languages during magic show

If you apply some humorous languages (that is "the legendary magic nonsense") to your magic show, it will play the role of enlivening atmosphere as well as to increase your charm.The following are some magic humorous languages that I've collected.Now I share them to everyone and hope you will like2012 magic tricks
Magician:In fact this magic is not difficult , do you know why ?
Audiences:No,I don't know.
Magician:Because it is simple.
Magician:Good!Now I count 1,2,3,let us take a look at what will happen.Ok,one......two......Three days ago, I performed this magic , but unfortunately I failed . I hope it can be successful today.
Audiences:......All be silent.
Magician:Look!Look carefully!Staring this magic show intently!Look!
After three seconds ...........
Magician:Nothing happens,right? Because I did not do anything~~
Magician:In fact, there are many enigmatical phenomena in our lives.Do you often hear the sound of the upstairs marbles , da da da ... There is also a phenomenon of dreams predicting the future . Today I want to perform this magic ... and these phenomena have nothing to the enigmatical phenomena I have already mentioned...
A spectator selectes one card.
The magician tidies up the remaining cards,and then turn to other spectators,says:"Do you all know why the audience just chose this card ? In fact, this is a psychological test . So why did he (she) choose this card?Because ... he (she) like this card ... "
Magician:Next I want you to do one thing.
Magician:What you should do is to do nothing.
The magician hold a poker in his hand.
Magician:Does here anybody know what this card is?
Audience:The people who knows must have taken a peek!
Magician:In fact I know the answer without peeding.It's!
Magician:There is a coin . . .Please take it to have a check.
Audience:(without checking)We have check it out.It has no problem.
Magician:No problem,right?Ok,good,so now I begin to perform poker magic.
Magician:Now I need a coin...Do anybody know why I need a coin?
Magician:Oh my gosh!Nobody knows?Because I plan to perform coin magic.
Magician:If a red card represents ten dollars and a blue card represents one hundred dollars.Which one will you choose?
Audience:The blue one!!!
Magician:If you are normal,you should choose both of the cards2012 magic tricks

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