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Tips to help you become a successful magician

You're 10? Or you are 100?It doesn't matter.Out of question,2012 magic tricks
appeal to every age group and are very easy to learn.You may just want to learn a few magic tricks to amuse yourself, your family or your friends.You may want to entertain at local parties. You may want to become one of the endsville magicans in the world and perform in New York,Paris,Las Vegas,London and elsewhere on the largest stages in the world.

Here I would be glad to give you some successful magician's tip.Please read the following tips.

1.It is a great idea to practice new trick in front of a mirror,so that you can see the trick as your audience will.In a word,Practice lots!

2.It's another good idea to practice the "patter" as well as the trick.Make sense of what you want to say during the show.Good patter will be helpful to distract the audience from guessing how you've pulled off your magical feats.

3.Remember not to perform too long. Better a happy half an hour than dull more time.

4.Never ignore small items. They are offen the most mystifying.Never reveal the climax of the magic before the show.

5.Resist the temptation to tell the secret of how the trick worked.Keep them guessing.Believe they will be even more impressed with your show.And remember never do the same magic trick more than once for the same audience.It makes it too easy for the audience to guess how it was done.

6.Don't treat amazing magic tricks lightly,remenber even a close-up trick should also be prepared with as much care as a stage show.

7.Better not to carry pocket tricks with you when you need to attend social functions.And only perform chemical and fire tricks under adult supervision.

8.Pay attention to lovely Assistantmagic puppet:lots of the card tricks (or any other mind reading type tricks) work well using a magical puppet or stuffed animal as your assistant.Try to put on an entire show where you aren't a magician at all,instead claim you bought a puppet from an old woman and it turned out to be magic.

9.Remember never underestimate the audience, believe they are more intelligent than you.

10.Control the seating arrangements,some of the tricks require that the people be looking straight at you.Have the audience remain seated during the show.

11.It's normal that reactions to magic vary.Some are noncommittal,some will shake their heads,others will wrinkle their brows.Donít be confused!

12.No matter where you are,you can borrow the objects from the audience,such as coins, pencils, cards and so on.Borrowing from the audience makes it seems like that the magician has been impossible to have time to do anything sneaky to the item.This makes everything seem more amazing!

13.Be very careful to pay attention to choose your dialogues.It's also important that our talk should be on conversational level, not too loud, nor too bombastic.

14.Your height and personality are not crucial, what you need is self-confidence.If you are nervous, spectators will be conscious of it and share your uneasiness.

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