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The New Truth About No Exercise Diet Supplements

Berkeley, California, 4-21-2012 - For years now it' been the typical bait and switch tactic used in promoting the vast majority of over the counter weight loss supplements.

That is that when you got to the bottom of the instructions on the package, there it was, some type of exercise regimen along with a strict low-calorie diet plan.

Now it would be comical in a way if it weren't for the seriousness of the issue for the people who had been taken in by these often overpriced and in most cases ineffective weight loss products.

People had who spent good money on something that they thought was going to actually stem their appetite and somehow encourage their body to shed extra pounds.

So fast forward to today, and now the latest trend in weight loss supplements is products that are advertised as being able to do just that.

Diet supplements that advertisers now claim will cut your appetite and coax your body to shed those extra pounds without exercise.

So then just what is the real story behind it all? Because if it's actually true then this can be the weight loss breakthrough that a whole lot of folks have waiting for.

Gabriel Uris, CEO of covered this same topic when he spoke recently at a trade conference and a few points in particular that he made were quite intriguing.

He said that, “Data gleaned from recent accredited laboratory studies now points directly at a connection between chemical triggers and weight gain. Something that we've been observing clues of all along. We've seen these clues in how certain people could eat like a horse and never gain a pound, while other people can eat practically nothing yet still struggle with weight gain.”

He went on to say, “These weight gain and weight loss chemicals come from a variety of sources with some of them being produced in various areas of the body such as the brain. At the same time though, some of them like ketone can be obtained from food sources such as raspberries for instance that have a particularly high ketone content. It's important to be aware however, that variables such as quality and quantity of these newly discovered active substances do weigh in heavy with regards the effectiveness of the various products on the market that contain them.”

So the bottom line here is that a little bit of research goes a long way before you shop because as Gabriel Uris pointed out, there are still a lot of broken promises being passed around in the diet supplement marketplace. is the premier source for Raspberry Ketone Pure, the latest all natural weight loss supplement made in the USA.

Contact Name: Gabe Uris
Contact E-Mail:
Street Address: 818 SW 3rd Ave Suite 220
City, State: Portland Oregon  

Contact Information

  • Name: Gabe Uris

    Company: Raspberry Ketone Pure

    Telphone: -- , -

    Address: 818 SW 3rd Ave Suite 220
    City, State:
    Portland Oregon