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Two Brands As the Leader In the Bluetooth Headsetís Market

If you are the iPhone user, do you have a Bluetooth headset for your iPhone? Matching the good performed and outstanding Bluetooth headset with your iPhone is such a perfect thing for the iPhone user. That is why so many people choose the apple Bluetooth headset as the complement for the iPhone to make the use convenient and the look fashionable.

However, the choice of Apple Bluetooth headset is not wise. Compared with other Bluetooth headsets, it is not characterized with the volume control, let alone the call mute. The earpiece of the Apple Bluetooth headset is designed with the big size which will let the customer feel discomfortable. Whatís worse, the function of noise interference is so bad that you will often see the phenomenon of speaking aloud in the phone. Compared with other headsets, the Apple Bluetooth headset is not powerful in the battery using life. In a word, the Apple Bluetooth headset is not the best choice for the iPhone.

However, you may ask which brand of Bluetooth headset has better performance that suits the Apple phones. According to the research in the market, there are two brands: Aliph and Plantronics.

It is the Alexander Asseily and Hosain Rahman that create the Aliph to make it a famous brand for Bluetooth headsets. In order to make the wireless industry develop in a fast speed, the Aliph has created one excellent performed Bluetooth headset: Jawbone which is famous for the inner functions adopting the noise deletion technology. Whatís more, it also uses the innovative design to make it special and unique to attract the eyes of the people.

By the way of adopting the processing technology of NoiseAssassin adaptive signal can the Aliph products be developed for the defense advanced research projects agency. What they do is to decrease the noise of the surrounding military environment by producing the incoming and outgoing audio. It is this famous and super excellent skill which is adopted in the production of Bluetooth headset that makes the Bluetooth headset design so well in its performance.

Another trusted brand in choosing the Bluetooth headset is Plantronics which creates the first headsets for communications to the market in 1962. The Bluetooth headset it introduces is so light. The reliable headset which was used in the Mercury spacecraft has been worked by Plantronics in 1961. And it is Plantronics headset that the Neil Armstrong used to make the important sentence in history in 1969. With so much famous brand, Plantronics have created CS50 wireless headset which is used to be an office phone. After that, the wireless headset becomes popular among the market.


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