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Muay Thai Pads: Things You Need to Know

Muay Thai, the ĎScience of eight limbsí is one of the popular national sports of Thailand. This physically challenging sport entails kicking and punching as well. Elbows, knees, throws, clinch work are finely integrated into the mix. This makes the matches more dangerous and spectacular. Itís a unique sport which needs special gear or training equipment for protection. Among all the best known training equipments, the Muay Thai pads make the best training equipment.

The Muay Thai pads are exceptionally thick forearm pads. Such pads are wonderfully designed in order to handle the huge amount of impact. For those people who are interested in developing the training and strength required to succeed at the Muay Thai sport, working with the Thai pads is considered essential.

It has to be taken into account that the main target points for a sport like Muay Thai include the jaw, the ear, area which is covered by upper lip or philtrum, the floating ribs, the clavicle, and also the solar plexus. Hence, utilizing proper guard is a must.

With the growing popularity of the Mixed Martial Arts or MMA, it has become a lot important to consider better protection for head, and legs with the Muay Thai pads. The Muay Thai Shin pads are also regarded as one of the proper head gears of this particular sport. The head and the shins are two major areas that must be covered during the training.

Earlier there have been reports of damaged brains in the later stage in life of fighters due to unprotected head. Legs donít cause the brain damage but can create an effect. Hence, in the mixed martial art forms of today, the legs make the most vital weapon. However, we must always be concerned about our safety first. This is another reason why Muay Thai pads are so popular.

Like any other sports, the Muay Thai pads are equipments or gear intended towards protecting the wearers from any damage or accident in the fight or during the training session. Use of good equipment can offer you both protection and comfort.

There are several boxing equipment manufacturers in Thailand and across the globe that specialize in providing superior quality Muay Thai gear and equipments. It is imperative that the product you choose to purchase is from a well known manufacturer. High quality and international brands may be expensive but is worth an investment. The only difference is that international brands are much more specific dealing with the quality Muay Thai equipment. However, you can also expect competitive price from few manufacturers in the market. If you are seeking fine quality Muay Thai gears then it would be significant enough to know the name of the popular brands and manufacturers leading the market.

Nevertheless, there are different types of Muay Thai gear, apart from the shin pads. Some of these include punching mitts, hand wraps, ankle guard, kicking pads, belly pad, groin protector, body armor etc. Now that you know about the equipments needed for the sport, make sure you select the appropriate gear for proper training and fight.

Athelstan Smith writes for Bushido, a supplier of mixed martial arts products, such as martial arts retail and martial arts mats. To learn more about Bushido, visit  

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