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How to Get Relief from Sciatic Pain

If you are a sciatica sufferer, you feel pain during more parts of your day than you don't. Maybe you will have the odd day or two where you "get lucky" and have what you call a good day. But that certainly isn't the quality of life you dreamed off for this point in your life, is it? How many times have you had to say no to friends who were going out for a walk or a hike, or had to say no to the kids or the grandkids when they wanted someone to throw a ball in the backyard with them? Probably quite a few right? You know you have sciatic back pain, and you know you need back pain relief, you just haven't found the right treatment for it that will work all the time, without making you feel like a zombie on pain medication. If this sounds like you, then you will want to consider other options to get Relief From Sciatica. The truth is that true relief of sciatic nerve pain occurs when you target the source. Here we talk about how to do just that.

In order to find relief of sciatic nerve pain, you need to first understand what is causing this pain. Your situation will always be different than someone else who is experiencing the same thing. Sciatica is not a simple problem with your back, it is much more intense and complex than a standard back ache. Although people will vary in their descriptions of their own specific pain, it is often described as a series of piercing like aches and shocks that start on the sciatic nerve, and can move through the lower back even all the way down to the feet. For some, it makes walking impossible in its worst form, as every step is a painful one.

The sciatic nerve is important in relaying information to your brain in a way that coordinates your movements. Thus, if it is hindered by inflammation or injury, your movement is going to suffer, and be painful. Dealing with the areas of compression on this nerve will be your most effective plan of action when looking for relief of sciatic nerve pain.

Addressing the inflammation is one way to get relief from sciatica. Although some medication will help in this area, you have probably already found that this medication does not last all day long, and makes you a little sleepy or disoriented. Bed rest is a great way to get relief from sciatica, but this is not exactly the quality of life you are looking for. Surgery is an extreme treatment to provide relief from sciatica, but this is an invasive procedure that has a recovery period in itself, and even that is not a full guarantee of relief from your problems for good.

A product that you can use all day and every day if you wish may be the ideal solution for you to get the back pain relief you have been seeking. The Sciatica Saddle is a patented doctor developed device that addresses the compression and inflammation involved in sciatica, and has shown to provide relief of sciatic nerve pain to many many people. If you've been looking for a risk free, effective, affordable, and non invasive way to get relief from sciatica, visit us today for more information!  

Contact Information

  • Name: Phil Cogan

    Company: Sciatica Saddle

    Telphone: 908-242-6580 , 908-2426580

    Address: PO Box 506, Pittstown, NJ, 06687, USA