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On the times of science and technology a few thoughts

Today I am going to travel, but because too early to the airport, I in the waiting room waiting for a long time, in the process, I see a lot of people with Android tablet, I suddenly lost in thought, think of the previous few feeling.
I remember when I was young, our family is not very rich in life, so the digital products don't have much contact, and then the digital products is not very developed and generally, each and every family all have TV, freezer, washing machine and so on, just meet the life needs to buy.
I remember, when I first computer is in the sixth grade primary school, I begged my home for a computer, because my students often talk about interesting in computer class, out of competition psychology, I also want to have a computer. Results father has promised, will affect my learning, and finally I at home make for a long time, father finally agreed to take my gift money to buy a computer, I still remember when we buy a computer is really good ah, my younger brother and two children were moved up, the computer screen is not very big, but very heavy, this is before the desktop computer.
The computer accompany us for junior and senior high school for six years, but because it is aging, it can not continue to use, but already could not catch up with the pace of technological development, a lot of HD movies, the display also does not support, finally we bought two laptops, but when the laptop is very common basically, every family has a department.
When we took the laptop back to the countryside, the village children or envy, in fact, his heart felt very satisfied, results in a short period of two or three years, now everyone is holding the tablet PC, had to sigh, the development of science and technology, digital products really change rapidly.
Now a lot of children at the age of two or three have access to a computer, and understand some basic use, but can also look at some of the Internet information, sometimes I think, the development of science and technology is good or bad, there are a lot of children because of the popularization of the computer also addicted to online games, abandoned their studies, or in the study on the bad knowledge and made some friends.
But everything has two points, I think now everywhere Android tablet PC, prove that the standard of living in our country still in ascension. The demand of people is not only the issue of food and clothing, but more enjoyment or material and so on my pursuit.  

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