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New HotFix Version of Spire.Doc Fixed RTF to HTML Bug

On Feb.3, 2012, e-iceblue, a provider of professional, pure and stable .NET components for handling office files, updated its new hotfix version of Spire.Doc. New HotFix Versioon 4.1.22 fixed a bug about rtf to html conversion, which marks a might advance in the product renewal.
Spire.Doc, as a professional and powerful Word component, enables its users to directly generate, read, write and modify word document for .NET and Silverlight without Microsoft Word installed in the computer
In the former hotfix version, some bugs related to Doc to PDF conversion were fixed. Such as TextBox will be lost when it is with white background, although TableRow has exact height, the text overflowed will still be drawn and so on. Also after the former version published, the page breaker will not be lost even if the last Paragraph of Section is hidden. Moreover, the TexBox will never proceed as the float Element if the Text Wrapping Style of one TextBox is TopAndBottom. The settlement of this problem indeed benefits users more. Finally, when convert doc to pdf, users found that if the height of the TableCell widget( the row height and the HeightType of the row) is exact, the drawing operation will be clip incorrectly. Fortunately, it was fixed in the former version. Obviously, the former version is great. How about the new hotfix version? What surprise it brings to us? Read the following paragraph.

New HotFix version meets customers’ need in fixing a bug about rtf to html conversion. When convert rtf to html, the column width is not precise as it has been. Thus, it would cause an exception. Now, new hotfix version settled this problem. That is to say, the column width would be accurate when people use the rtf to html function in Spire. Doc. The aspect that I said above is the major breakthrough made in this product updating. Compared with the former version, new hotfix version stresses more on the rtf to html conversion. However, it did not add new features, which may fail to live up to the expectation of a few people. Generally speaking, this product updating satisfied most people. Are there more other surprises in the next version? Maybe it is Version 4.1.23 or Version 4.2 or any other else? That is another matter concerned by most customers. So let us look forward to the next release together.

New Hotfix version of Spire.Doc resolved the problem appearing in the conversion of rtf to html. It is a new advancement in the product improvement, which indicates a strong forward momentum. However, just as showing above, no new features are added in the new version. So it still needs to be improved. Anyhow, we affirm the achievement and expect the next updating. If you need a Doc component, copy the link below into your browser to learn more details about Spire.Doc.

Friendly Reminder: Hot fix patch, just includes updated dll files. Before applying this patch, make sure that Spire.Doc 4.1 has been installed correctly.

About e-iceblue:
e-iceblue Co. Ltd provides professional .NET components for .NET applications and Microsoft Visual Studio. The goal of the e-iceblue is to offer high-quality components or reading and writing office file formats all the time. e-iceblue components have been widely used by most Fortune 500 Corparations. The key developers of e-iceblue have over 10 years of combined experience in developing high-performance, component technology. Everyday e-iceblue products help numbers of developers from large or small companies in more than sixty countries to make their office work easier, better and faster. e-iceblue will become more productive and deliver more reliable applications to its customers.

Detail information of e-iceblue products, price, availability, etc. can be shown in the following website.

Contact e-iceblue:
Headquarter: Des Voeux Rd West Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
Support Team: Room 811, 8th Floor, Soar International Building, No. 130, West 1st Section, 1st Ring Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Contact via Skype: iceblue support
Contact via email:

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    Company: e-iceblue

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